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Arsenal Fans Hopeful After Last Day Agony

In this podcast both Blackburn George and I acknowledge this was a brilliant season for Arsenal. Taking Manchester City down to the wire, on the very last day of the season, was an outstanding achievement. Arsenal can only blame itself for losing its lead during the final weeks by dropping crucial points to Aston Villa when the manager made the crucial mistake of playing Havertz in midfield despite pre- and post- New Year evidence that the German was best suited as a #9. We noted there is a well-grounded feeling among Arsenal fans that coming so close is a sign that Arsenal has improved its chances of winning the title but we caution that becoming champions is not predestined  as Man City have limitless funds to again improve their squad and hold off all challenges.

To all readers and supporters of the blog and podcast, thanks for your support during the season. This is our ultimate podcast until the next season.

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