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After Arsenal’s Grim Draw With Crystal Palace More Questions Than Answers

Podcast: After Arsenal and Crystal Palace struggle to a grim draw in Thursday’s EPL game in the opinion of Shotta and the Blackburn George, the Arseblagger, there are more questions than answers. Can the kids (saka, Smith-Rowe and Martinelli) take Arsenal to a higher level? Is Aubameyang finished as a top level striker? Can Arteta truly coach attacking football? For these questions and more stay tuned.

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  1. It is the silence of the blaggers that is the most remarkable.

    Zero discussion on how the Arsenal a decade ago had a successful model then followed by the likes of Leicester and Leipzig but under the now KKK (Kronke Kronke and Kia!) we’ve seen a bleedingly slow and painful transition over the last four or five years towards the Sporting Wolverhampton model. That is the simple clear process they all avoid talking about in order to retain their press privileges. yet the club are failing to do all this as well as Wolves. Why can’t they simply point that out? Has the fat cat got their tongues?

    To be clear the Kronke’s:
    Dumped a successful model in order to fail at their desired model (that’s at best: if this is not an asset stripping exercise then that is the most we can hope for).
    Failed to drive Ozil out the club.


    That is the Kronke’s record at the club.

    Relegation was averted thanks to two Hale End graduates and they’ve had nothing to do with that other then to probably stop the academy producing such talent in the future.

    How long will the lickspittle blaggers cling on to this wreckage?

    Sure there’ll be those who claim watching shit football in small numbers is their right but I’m not sure the collapsing revenues or dwindling fan base will agree that playing shit football is the right way forward for a football club.

    As for those who wrote gibberish like “ramsey and ozil can’t play together”, those who do not have the footballs to talk about football agents, they are in the dustbin of football history. Irrelevant. Along with the Arsenal’s once good and respected reputation. Values what values.

    • For 15 years, which is about the time we both started posting on blogs, we observed how the major blaggers enabled the madness that led to the majority of fans turning against our greatest manager. Just two years ago they were convinced any coach who succeeded Wenger would keep us in top-4 and challenge for the title. No wonder they are awfully quiet about the direction the club is heading. They are much like the orchestra still playing on the deck of the doomed Titanic.

  2. i would love to listen to thye blogs, but, unfortunately, for me they are too long.

    30 minutes maybe, 53 is just too much.

    I fear we will return to the downhill trend now that Arteta has “shown” that the use of a number 10 does not work.

    I might suggest that they spend the time and money they are wasting in getting rid of Ozil in working out how to make him work for the club in the last 6 months of his contract.

    What has been going on for the last 6/7 months is an embarrssment to all fans and should be one to the powers that be and Arteta.

  3. Rosicky@ArsenalJanuary 17, 2021 at 7:11 am

    Spot on Fins. Its been months since waiting for an Arsenal match to watch.No desire left.It started to happen since Wenger left. For a brief time it came back when Freddie and Arteta were appointed.But with Freddie gone and Arteta imposing his own defensive style the desire to watch Arsenal has diminished.
    I am sure Arsenal audience has plummetted across the globe.
    Do the owners care?Will they take some sort of action to halt this down slide?

    • Seems to me the owners decided to dump the Wenger model around 2016-17 when they began stripping him of his power. That meant getting rid of the players that was central to the way we play. Once he left they got rid of Santi, Jack, Jeff etc that summer. Once Emery and Raul were in-situ they refused to renew Ramsey’s contract and began their policy to not select Ozil to the team and the ensuing campaign of defamation. The quality of the football has been the consequence.


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