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Arsenal Get Fantastic Win Over Chelsea But Too Early To Get Carried Away

#Podcast: Yours truly and BlackburnGeorge, @Arseblagger, express happiness at Arsenal finally getting a win, especially over London rivals Chelsea but caution fans to not get carried away. It’s much too early to say Arsenal have turned the proverbial corner.

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  1. Good stuff again. I really loved the point made that we really did not score from open play. Saka saying he meant it, but come on. I cannot remember the last time we had a tap in. So, obviously even with the good win there is still a ways to go. Let’s see if the team can build on this important win. Hopefully this is start of some very good football and a string of wins.

    Shotta, I agree with you, Chelsea were awful. I was not impressed at all. I am not sure what there attack was supposed to be, but they surely would have been better putting Giroud on. Glad they did not, he would have given us problems.

    • Thanks Paul. From the bits and peces I saw today Chelsea wasn’t much better vs Aston Villa. Their attack lacks a cutting edge . Lampard had better get it sorted out soon. Abramovich has no patience going 10 games without a win.

  2. This is my favorite Arsenal podcast by far! Kudos . Normally I agree with a lot of what you say but I’m surprised you didn’t emphasize the big elephant in the room – luck!!

    That was a lucky win. A dubious penalty, a wonder freekick which might happen once every 10 games and a fluke, miss hit cross from Saka. Arsenal has good players who can bail any coach out of bad decisions. There’s still no real attacking system or choice of players. Just youthful running from Tierney, Martinelli and Saka. It will blow hot and cold – it’s not sustainable.

    Chelsea is not much better from a strategy point. They are littered with flair but Lamps chooses to play down the wings, avoiding his midfield in favor of low percentage crosses into the box. A bit similar to our good man Arteta.

    I agree with you on Xhaka, to an extent. I think he’s an average player for a good team. Wenger liked him for his diagonal pass. He’s improved his game a lot, especially under Emery and even incorporated some of Guendouzi’s diving into his game. This allows him to be better at setting the tempo. He talks to get others to cover his lack of pace but Arsenal can do much better. I think Guendouzi is much better and will in due time will be twice the player of Xhaka. But fair play to Granite he improved to the point where the difference is not that apparent.

    Arteta is cowardly and very pragmatic. Not my type of football. Certainly not what he advertised. Even if it works and he wins some games, I don’t trust he’ll ever entertain us like Arsene. He lacks the flair to adapt creative players to different roles, like Wenger did with Petit (RM to CM), Cazorla, Van Persie. Pep with Busquets and David Silva. Or Peter Bosz with Kai Havertz and Brandt (wingers/attackers to deep playmaking midfielders). Reiss Nelson is begging to play in midfield. I saw Nahelsman try him there in Germany. Teams at this juncture need that. A coach who will experiment and discover stuff. Harry Redknapp did and also discovered Bale. I hope for football sake a technical Manager like Peter Bosz, lopetegui, Tuchel or even the great Wenger succeed this horrible gaffer.

    • Thank you Sheed. I don’t know about George but I avoided mentioning the element of luck because it would come across as a sneaky, low-class way of trying to demean the result. When I looked at the stats it was clear that Arsenal deserved its victory over an impotent Chelsea. As you correctly observe both Arteta and Lampard lack imagination in how they set up their teams. Am not surprised our club, Arsenal, is performing way below its potential.


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