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Arsenal Outclassed. Why Is Rob Holding Blamed?

In this Manchester City – Arsenal match review Blackburn George @arseblagger (suspended on Twitter) is not surprised that the Gunners were “humbled and outclassed” by the Citizens as this was his prediction in the previous podcast. City has the better players and the better coach. On the day City was unbeatable. Neither he nor Shotta think its worthwhile trying to find scapegoats for this defeat.

Yet some Arsenal fans, including Martin Keown, want to make Rob Holding the villain. Holding did his job, avoiding early foul trouble and doing his best to control  a rampant Erling Haaland. He even found time to score our consolation goal with a sweet one-time shot any elite forward would be proud of.

We prefer to highlight how far Arsenal has come over the past year but City are a cut above and look likely to win their 5th title in six years. The Gunners have exceeded expectations by qualifying for the Champions League and simply need to recover from this defeat and finish the season as strong as they started.

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  1. Whilst so many fans continue to live in their Walter Mitty world fantasizing that Arteta is a great coach and that our current league position is as a result of his coaching expertise, then they will continue not to see what is at the end of their noses, that this season is an abberation similar to the one when Leicester won the EPL relying on parking the bus and Vardy’s diving technique.

    With Liverpool, Chel$ki, Manure and the scum having less than indifferent seasons, is it surprising that we have picked up so many points against those teams and it is those points that have elevated us rather than Arteta’s skills?

    That players like Saliba and Martinelli have played such a strong role this season belies the fact that Arteta did not want them.

    The longing by so many fans on a return to the team by ESR continues to ignore the fact that Arteta does not want to play him because he is not one of his choices Like those great stars, Lakonga and Fabio.

    That so many fans now base our recent “slump” on Saliba’s injury and look with longing at his return, ignores the fact that Arteta kept him away for so many years.

    If it is the coaching from the coaches at the clubs that he was loaned to is that reason for his improvement, then one must ask, if Arteta was such a great coach, why could he not do so, so that we have to rely on the prowess of coaches for other teams.

    Adoration of Odegard and Birdkamp’s No 5 player, ignores the fact that the former plays for a few minutes a game and drifts around for the rest, a player who was not good enough to get on the Real Madrid bench and the latter spends most of each game passing to the player next to him or to none of our players at all.

    My comments on the other blog are treated with derision and yet are never disproved.

    So many fans would prefer to live in their dream world than to see reallity.

    I look forward to the day when another team thinks that Arteta is such a great coach and rush in to take him off our hands. One can but hope.

    • Strong criticism of Arteta my friend. In my opinion its too early to write him off. By taking the club this far so fast he has earned lots of credit and the club will back him next year. If he fails to keep winning those now praising him may have to eat our words Time will tell.

      • But is it Arteta taking us this far or it that we have got this despite him?

        I agree it is sharp criticism but with so many people singing his praises, I feel they do so based on emotion and wilful thinking rather than actual reality.

        The last few games tell us so much provided we want to listen,

        If Southampton can almost beat us and deserve to have done then we are exposed to the same from any team in the league.

        • He might do a “Ranieri” ; remember how he was fired one year after winning the title. Mind you, I am not wishing and hoping he does but the fans are going to demand more from Arteta for an encore.


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