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Arsenal v Frankfurt May Be Goodbye Unai

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Emery’s final game? That seems to be the general feeling around the Arsenal fans and media. There’s lots of drama involved in this fixture that has nothing to do with football.

As far as that goes it’s not the greatest of stakes. No wonder then that attendance is predicted to be low. There’s also some security measures which means Frankfurt fans won’t be at the stadium, and red level members won’t be offered tickets.

Stan Kroenke is said to be in the UK right now and probably will be in the stadium. He owns it after all. But his presence has only added fuel to the rumours of Emery’s departure. Or is that just naive hope?

Emery refused to be drawn on his future, which you would expect. The theme of the press conference instead was on how he wants the supporters to feel a connect with the team. If he really wants that, I think the best way to help is to resign. That’s harsh, but I mean it. I think the reason for the lost connection is Emery’s approach to the games. It goes entirely against our identity, and fans’ patience has finally run out. A new coach is the only way forward.

Of course, worryingly, but almost inevitably while Raul is here, the new coach may not help with that either. What started as a stupid betting rumour became a seeming possibility. Wolves coach and Jorge Mendes client, Nuno Espirito Santo, is supposedly the next Arsenal coach in waiting. Nothing against him but I hope he keeps waiting. This seems more like Raul Sanllehi relying on his little black book of contacts rather than a considered football oriented decision. Even apart from that, although NES is better than Emery (at this point, who isn’t?) but his football style is similar to Unai’s. There also is some doubt whether he can make the step up to the demands of a big club. His past record isn’t very reassuring in that regard.

To Be or Not To Be

Frankfurt currently stands 3rd in the group, tied with Standard Liege on 6 points. Despite leading with 10 points, Arsenal aren’t quite through from the group stages. Could the unthinkable happen? Frankfurt will certainly be motivated enough to avenge their opening day loss to us, and they might sense blood in the water when it comes to our managerial situation. A loss doesn’t seem out of the question.

On the other hand, if the decision to sack Emery has already been made, it might lighten the pressure on the players and even Emery himself. Interestingly, Xhaka might be back on the field. Not only did Emery say it’s a possibility, but the unofficially official club PR mouthpiece, Ornstein, has been saying that he is viewed as very important among the Arsenal hierarchy. Personally, I think if Xhaka is prepared to play for us again, it is only because Emery is on his way out.

Team News: Kola, Bellerin and Ceballos out with hamstring issues. (Something for the medical department to look at maybe?)

Starters: Martinez, Mustafi, Chambers, Holding, AMN, Tierney, Xhaka, Willock, Ozil, Pepe, Auba

Subs: Leno, Luiz, Guendouzi, Torreira, Saka, Martinelli, Lacazette

I’ve talked myself into predicting a win, a rarity these past few weeks! 1-0 to the Arsenal.

Enjoy it folks.


  1. Hi Shard. Thanks for this preview. It takes a special kind of resilience to provide a balance perspective on the ongoing machinations by Sanllehi and the Kroenkes. Am sure their unofficial official mouthpiece Ornstein will soon drip feed us some news to the ire of “We Care Do You” who apparently want to be just as privileged as Orny, if we are to go by that weak kneed petition they just published.

  2. Thanks Mills and Shotta. It’s good to be forced to think a little more because I’m prone to being Emery Out, Raul Out, and leave it at that.

    Xhaka coming back into the fold is interesting to me. Always felt he was angry with the club more than they were with him. If he’s back now I can only think he feels Emery is leaving. Charles Watt the journo today said that it was only Xhaka who didn’t seek nor was given a handshake by Emery on the training ground.

    • Yeah i must confess in case anyone did not notice I lost my balance some time ago, hehe.

      around about the time these crooked CLOWNs put on some shite arsed part timer who’s friendly with one of their agents instead of one of the great players of our era in a knock our Fa cup game, only a trophy the Arsenal had one many times in recent years. Who needs trophies? Who needs top footballers in a football team? Who needs a football coach when you have such a top top, top, Head of Football Relations?

  3. Three at the back.

    Plus Chambers at RWB

    Already overplaying Tierny on his return from injury (now you can understand why they had to get rid of the former fitness guru)

    These people failing to run this club ATM are bumbling


  4. Shard my friend I hope you are right.

    Emery isn’t just finished at the Arsenal. Hes finished full stop.

    He’s always been a hopeless crook, employed by crooks – just look at the squads he’s had and how little he has achieved with them. It’s just that his Superagent pals won’t be able to protect his rep after this.

    But I’m sur he’s a lovely person. Not.

    • at the least unlike Unai Nuno is a coach.

      However anyone kidding themselves that he is a suitable coach for the Arsenal is acting like a:


      or Cowboy in the case of the Kronke’s

  5. Emery’s job on the line?

    Xhaka back in the team?

    You heard it first not from the Billy Big Blaggers that were screeching that he’d never play for the club again. Fuck me how can a person spend so much time on Football an yet be incapable of identifying the most competent CM at the club given the fact there is zero competition there for Xhaka.

    These other clowns. The Blaggers.
    **** me how could they arse up such an easy prediction.

    Literally easy money (though not as easy as the kickback on the loan deal for the Swiss RB!).

    They really truly do know sweet FA about the footy.

  6. << correction: loan deal for Suarez. The Swiss RB story was a whole different nightmare.

    Raul has chalked up quite the list of horrors in his short spell sabotaging the club.

    For how long will Raul avoid the really heavy artillery? the kind Raul himself has lined up for Emery this week being the genius of Football Relations that he is.

  7. Aubamayang our salvation once again.
    What a signing! Hehe.

    Hopefully he’ll come off sooner rather then later…

    IMO It’s Torreira who needs more minutes not Gunedouzi. I guess AMN is no longer an option thanks to the competent people at the club…

    I hope Saka gets the full ninety.

  8. Saka will get the full match but so will Auba.

    Needs a goal. Lacazette who banged in two in the last match on the bench. Brings on Torreira.

    • Didn’t even see that. Further proof Unai is useless. Big Weng used to put on 8 attackers and only 2 central defenders when needing a goal. Shouldn’t mention his name in the same sentence.

  9. well, nix to say. The worst.

  10. Well Shard’s article and our headline was spot on.

  11. Every thing Wenger was accused of not doing, Emery (and Raul) have brought to Arsenal: 1) constant tactical changes, 2) early subs, 3) respect for the opposition, 4) more defensive tactics, 5) less attacks up the center and more reliance on crosses, 6) less reliance on technicians, and 7) less tippy-tappy football.

    You can feel sure the pundits and journos from mainstream media as well as our top blaggers, tweeters and podcasters who for 10 years campaigned for Anybody But Wenger will be dodging and hiding for the disaster they helped to create.

  12. Club management thinking they could replace the greatest manager the club ever had with Unai Emery grieves me deeply.

  13. One critical observation is while Shard’s analysis is spot on, his final predictions usually stinks. i should start doing some on-line betting going contrary to his calls. LOLOL.

    • Hey! I was one minute away from being spot on last time around.

      I was one half time Emery talk away from being spot on this time around.

  14. Xhaka back and Aubameyang starting. People on Twitter seemed surprised by that, but I knew it was happening. What I didn’t realise is just how incompetent/vindictive Emery is. No Pepe, no AMN. I even expected him to play Tierney even at risk of injury. It’s his last game I figure. Why would he care about injuries? As it is we got some more injuries. Not saying he’s too blame, but everything is just going wrong right now and much if it comes from us continuing to employ Emery under the direction of Raul.

    The fans kept away yesterday, special circumstances notwithstanding. Those that were there were not happy. Many of them did give Xhaka some applause though, so that’s something. Sack Emery and appoint a real coach who gets what Arsenal are about. Give it to Freddie. And we can start to become and play like a team again. But while Raul is here all the political backbiting will continue and at some point is bound to affect the dressing room. Then he’ll just tell us to hate the player, fans will oblige, and he gets to do more transfers.

  15. Even Le Grove of all people wrote at length yesterday about the dangers of letting Mendes in the club via Nuno. Le Grove!! is talking about preserving the culture of the club. Guess now that Usmanov and his money are out, he can go with what is left of his conscience.

  16. come on Arsenal make the call.

  17. Shard was right, it was the last game. Freddy Krugers taking control now.

  18. New post up.


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