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Is Arsenal Preparing For A New Head Coach?

In the 28th July 2019 edition of the Uncensored Arsenal podcast, yours truly Shotta and the Arseblagger aka Blackburn George, discuss the results of the Emirates Cup match between Arsenal and Lyon, the big transfer stories of the past week and speculate the club is already preparing for a new head coach in 2020.

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  1. I enjoyed it. Great point about right and wrong. First step I found is to walk away from that. But its ok to stay with your opinion, its going to change anyway, how can it not? As Dave pointed out yesterday on PA is important to hold more than one idea in your head, dualities hold us back: see racism or any blanket statement, they just fall down in details and closer examination.
    I think listening in with you, which is that we cant get the clear answer for how the situation looks? For some reason we always want a clear answer but life is really not in black and white the deeper we go, but shades of grey ( I havent read the book so I cant make a joke). UE: ohh you are awful?
    Also we can ask, the people who think we’ve made progress, what is the rational for that, the context, not just data but over-all understanding of whats going on the pitch. Plus how old are they, what their prejudice? For a certain age group we were used to anything written as being at least semi-gospel, so whose the authority in all this? So its not always easy to deal with the written word.

    I thought a lot about gf60 this last 24hrs, and what would he have to say, again not that he was the guru, but it was another perspective, running down the years that could add something to how we put it together.

    Anyway, thanks lads, to Shotts for organising it and George for taking part.

    • Thing is with the above, its easier with football in life as the object is to win. But in life how do we know if what we are doing is right. The endless theories and opinions, sometimes I find reading on the internet totally over whelming to the point that Im shocked that people think the are so right, the Buddhs see this as a psychosis. The older I get the more I havent a fucking clue nor ever did but hormones and youthfu ego made me feel that I did. And then this ties into what George had to say about football being also entertainment.
      Ironically it was George on twitter (sorry PG to say this in public hope its not too cheesy)that made me see how much football means to everyone. I knew what Shankly said and knew what it meant to me and my mates growing up and going to Highbury, my connections with the clubs founding and talking a lot with gf60 about his experiences and older guys who went in the 30 to the end of the 70s, but I saw how much George loves Arsenal. No longer did I see other peoples love of Arsenal as just intellectual but really as something deep knitted in the lives of people. It sort of took me back a bit.
      What Shankly could have said is how football means many things at the same time to many people which changes over their lifetimes.And we focus in at different points at different ages Like George I dont want the Gunners muck it up, but if they play well and make exciting looking football it sure puts a plaster on the other ills.

      Anyway keep the podcasts coming fellas it beat the heck out of listening to other folks at the moment. and Arsenals always a good play ground to try and find out about youre own life. Sure appreciate here and PA.

  2. News on Koscielny by David Ornstein on Twitter:
    “Arsenal technical director Edu met with the Stade Rennes president + the representative of Laurent Koscielny in London yesterday. Talks between #AFC & suitors continue in a bid to resolve Koscielny’s future. The 33yo captain does not anticipate playing for the Gunners again #SRFC”

    • finsburypJuly 30, 2019 at 6:32 pm

      Class and quality. Thank you both.

      Raul’s PR game shown up successively in sequence by Rambo, Ozil and now Kozza.

      He doesn’t enjoy working with players who are too powerful and have no need to work with his favoured agents does he?

      Not so hot at the old football relations is he?

      But fortunately a Billy Big Blagger this week made a choice to describe this management consultant as a football man! I hope he managed to kid himself as he wouldn’t be kidding anyone else with at least two Football brain cells to rub together.

      I laughed out loud at the graceful dismissal of the “I really like Raul”™ petty PR consultants.

      Class and quality,


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