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Match Report: Manchester United v Arsenal

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The game ended in a 1-all draw and both managers in their post game presser expressed satisfaction with the result. But who were they fooling. There was a time up to recently when a clash of the two most famous north versus south rivals in English football would produce so much drama and passion that it needed no hype from the media. There was a time when millions of fans, both domestically and internationally, would hang unto every kick expectant of a match winning moment but yesterday even the media could no longer pretend.

The following are a few choice comments of both teams by the commentators and pundits on my NBC feed.

Graeme Le Saux: There is a complete lack of quality all over the pitch.

Arlo White: Do you remember a lower key, poorer quality game between these two teams.

Lee Dixon: A lack of quality. Poor quality.

Robbie Earle: Plenty work and distance between these two teams and the top-two.

Arlo White: I have seen better years between them.

Graeme Le Saux: So inconsistent, so rudderless. I don’t know what is their style.

The final verdict is up to you my dear readers.

PS: An urgent business trip has necessitated this brief blog.


  1. Shotta you wrote that Emery’s post match presser made no sense.

    That is because he is full of nonsense.

    As noted by shard with the aid of quotes etc over the course of the last twelve months.

    A liar.

    A scammer.

    A blusterer.

    A Blagger.

    As they say:
    A bullshit artist.

    Daddy Raul enjoyed the commissions on the summer shenanigans (The legends’ legacy and graduates > Grand Daddy’s record signing?) yet poor Emery has no new clothes.

    I gave up listening to what he had to say for himself some time ago. When someone is so clearly and repetitively dishonest and a liar I simply have better things to do with my time!

    As for the Football. Well the plus of Emery that he has utterly annihilated and exposed all those cretins who supported the shit on display from this craven fraud as being people who know absolutely sweet FA about the Football at best. but more likely that they are just PR shills for the multi billion dollar transfer circus show beloved by Raul (please refer to the, ongoing, court cases involving Neymar and Barcelona in order to affirm and recall just who Grand Daddy Raul actually is).

    • A slosher?

      Cheers to Shotta, may the business be with you.

      Anyone notice the AFC web site seems to promote the Montana ideologies..in way which I didnt recall seeing with Weng?

    • Spot on about the blatant, barefaced fabrication by Emery. When asked the question, he first paused and then proceeded to tell us that Arsenal controlled the first half. Contrast this with LeSaux who said during the 1st half “There is a complete lack of quality all over the pitch.” How long will Arsenal fans put up with such deception?

    • Fins. Arsenal don’t make it exactly easy to watch the pressers anymore. With Wenger they were always front and centre on the site. Now you have to go into the Player and look for it, and sometimes I have failed to spot it even then, resorting instead to a youtube video by some unofficial uploader.

      They know how full of shit he is and do their best to cover it up.

  2. For example:

    how has it taken Emery 14 months into his Arsenal career to work out that Chambers is a useful player in his squad and a better back up RB then AMN (as he is a defender…).

    After sending Chambers out on loan.
    Where he was the player of the season for another club as the Gunners missed out on 4th by a point and perhaps irreparable damage was done to AMN playing him at RB in the Euro final against Hazard.

    I don’t actually care anymore but it does amuse me that people that anyone will try and defend this and the adoption last season of the non defensive rookie Guendouzi as his midfield General in the premier league:


    Emery deserves his very own episode of Brass Eye (one for the middle aged U.K. audience).

  3. Omair JavedOctober 1, 2019 at 8:36 am

    I don’t think Shotta that anyone could have write more about this match without some kind of external motivation.

    The picture choice is perfect and with it only following lines could have also sufficed, “I felt like that cat who was just bored to sleep. As for the post match report, the mercy would be to spare you from it. We got a point but don’t ask how!”

  4. I don’t want to really post as it seems as i post only when it is negative but could not get behind the false feel good factor that came over us playing some good football and beating a championship team. Was genuinely going to do something else rather than watch the game as I knew beforehand what would proceed.

    Emery played his usual 8 defensive players – 3 attackers
    Ole played 6 defensive and 5 attackers.

    both teams lacked facilitators (players that encourage others to play through their passing, vision and game IQ) on the pitch so was a turd of a game. Worse United team i have seen in a while. I believe we have a better team and squad, but you would never know with this saboteur.

    He has to go, simply for what he has done to Ozil. Never mind Carzola, Ramsey.

    I am at the point where i am thinking what is the point in following something that i really disagree with, dont enjoy and leaves me feeling slighly angry after watching?

  5. Arsenal is so bad that I don’t even enjoy the Spuds getting destroyed in such a manner. I simply have no joy in watching Arsenal at present.

    There is no reason for us to be so crap with the talent at hand.

    Why does Guendouzi have to play every minute of every PL match?! Nothing against the young man but he is obviously (along with Auba) first on the team sheet while Ramsey and Ozil could not and Still cant (Ozil) get a match. This is the most curious thing about Emery. I am starting to think Guendouzi is an outside child.

    I’m not even annoyed anymore, just despondent.

  6. Happy for Gnabry. Always loved him as a player. 4 goals!

  7. The cat is cute and it’s a pleasing picture. Doesn’t fit the mood of the game at all, even though I agree with what it’s going for. I swear my thought while watching the game live, late at night, was that Wenger’s description of trying to watch a Spurs game might easily enough apply to us.

    There is no excuse for this with the talent we have in the squad. Emery is a horrible coach and we are either idiots or saboteurs for hiring and enabling him with this nonsense. He should’ve been sacked the minute we were back from Baku. On the plane even. Instead we got rid of Darren Burgess. Clown club. Getting by on Wenger’s legacy. No way do the international fans put up with this for very much longer. They picked Arsenal instead of being born into it. Their experience doesn’t include travelling on the tube with other fans, meeting familiars and strangers alike in the pubs, the post match joy or anger to be shared. They watch the football primarily. They didn’t opt for this pathetic approach. And worse is that they’ve been lied to. Trust is a strange thing. Arsenal may not recover for a decade or more if we don’t go back to our values soon.

    • Don’t be hating on my cat Shard. She/he is bored enough.

      • I wonder if the cats dreaming of Wengerball, doubles, FAC wins, Invincibility and midfields set up properly, great players not benched but palying and meant-to-be heroes not sold, but doing the biz and of course, mice?

  8. New post up.


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