Wenger’s legacy is fundamental. Free flowing, attacking football by a club with integrity and class.

Signs of Resistance By The Arsenal Board

Among the comments to yesterday’s blog, Don Raul Is Acting Dodgy, Finsbury suggested  the Board of Directors may be revolting against the policies of Raul and Josh.

One very weird thing I have noticed from Raul’s “I really like Raul” PR team:

The keep referring to him as a “football man”, when a simple glance at his record tells everyone otherwise.

Why is that?

Most strange. And just a little bit sinister, but I’m going to err on the side of craven stupidity as I don’t want to think the worst of people.

However it’s clear people out there have identified the source of the club’s recent vindictive and vile conduct and have called it out.

Draining away of the Arsenal DNA 

Every week there’s a new low and this week we have the undignified spectacle of our neutered Board members trying to revolt against the owners appointee and his attempt to block them bringing in O’Leary, something they could’ve done long ago which means they’re at the point where for them it is: anyone but Raul.

Leaks to the Mirror via Cross?

“The DNA that made ­Arsenal the club it was has slowly but surely drained away. Appointments have been made – both before and after Wenger’s departure – that either didn’t work out or aren’t working out”

“Some staff fear Emery now faces an impossible task to ­revive a club that has lost its heart and soul since Wenger’s ­reign came to an end. Just 18 months after leaving the club, insiders claim Wenger’s legacy has been destroyed by a string of disastrous high-level ­appointments.”

Appointments. Plural. More then one.

Absolutely no doubt that these alleged quotes wherever they be coming from are directed at one person and that is not the discredited coach who’s rep in now trash but the person keeping his gimp in the job.

If a Board who have no power are revolting like this against Josh Kroenke then yes this week was another low as it shows that even the old board members are distraught at what is happening to the club.

This is: The Emery Degeneracy.

The latest shiny stage production brought to you by Raul The Cowboy. His sequel to Neymar and the Death of Brazilian Football (7-1 + Brand Neymar) and Barcelona you’d have thought he’d have to make an effort to top that effort.

Well…Luiz is now the shepeard of our defence (7-1).

Editor: Says it all, really.



  1. Thanks for posting Shotts,
    Here is an interesting nugget:

    Who is Barcelona’s current DoF?

    Eric Abidal!

    Of course it is. Just another memorial to Raul’s “success” at Barca.

    The longer he stays the greater the damage. I don’t think the Arsenal have the same capacity to take these blows like Barcelona and recover.

    So, when do we think the Big Blaggers will finally focus on the parasite eating their club up in such a short time that he must be making Ed Woodward jealous?

    Anyone heard from the black bin bag movement of late? Eerie silence who could’ve predicted such a thing lol!

    • Seems many fans have missed out on the importance of Sir Chips and Lord Harris trying to get O’Leary in an exec position to advise the Board. To me they are fighting a rearguard action vs Raul and Josh. They deserve our support or things will get much worse before they get better.

  2. I don’t know about the big bloggers but Per Mertesacker seems to be breaking ranks. He’s talking about Koscielny’s side of the story and how much respect we ought to have for him. He’s talking about Arteta and that he’d love to work with him.

    So either Per is part of the faction of the board that is trying to push back against the mafioso & the clown prince. Or… he’s laying the groundwork to blame it all on Emery, as Raul Montana finally decides to ditch him.

    Stay tuned I suppose. What else are we going to do. It’s more exciting than the football anyway.

    • How could even attempt to describe the variation in watching Mertesacker play as a CB at his peak for the Arsenal vs Luiz.

      One was an agents patsy his whole career,
      The other played for his hometown club and the Arsenal.

      And there it is. The Arsenal values vs what Raul is bringing (or taking from) to the club encapsulated in a simple Footballing comparison.

      Oh. And the reason why Arsenal fans described some goals where Mertesacker was a playmaker as the hilarious “Merte-goal” because he was always a better passer then the hopelessly overhyped Luiz – who is not poor just never in the same league as Silva Kozza or the BFG – good enough for his agents hehe! Kar-Ching.

  3. < Coined a catchphrase for Mertesacker playmaking goals

  4. Shotts

    Mercifully I got it wrong on Mourinho.

    Small mercies!

    Or Levy saw the carnage at N5 & simply beat Raul to his man (small mercies x2). Which is the more likely story given that Raul had to hilariously backtrack in public on Mourinho after he leaked the meetings and possibility of Jose coming to Highbury and the fan base vomited in unison.

    Raul, what a master of the old football relations this fellow is proving himself to be at every turn eh? Smashing.

    None of this counters what I’ve said on george’s blog or seen upon the football pitch: That I’ve seen better coaches then Emery at the u11’s,
    he is probably the poorest coach in the entire PL bar one or two (if they are unlucky).

    Raul couldn’t even get in his “nextman” as they might say in the carribean (?).

    Is Raul the most useless piece of all the “deadwood” at the Arsenal? Does he need to “train harder”?

    Whatever we think of Dein he had his coaches lined up well in advance.
    This floundering buffoon Raul, he’s not Arsenal quality is he. He’s a ****. No harm in calling it as it is.

  5. It’s “Don Levy” for me now Fins. He has proven something I said in a blog two months ago; Raul is a Fake Godfather.


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