Wenger’s legacy is fundamental. Free flowing, attacking football by a club with integrity and class.

The Bleeding Of The Arsenal

The dithering management hierarchy (L-R) of Vinai, Edu and Sanllehi

Thanks Shard Gooner. You were almost the first commentator online to helpfully identify this self confessed “Chameleon” style of Football last season for those of us fortunate enough not to have lost hours of our lives watching Emery’s Valencia, PSG, etc. attempt to play Football.

And as fans and followers of those clubs highlighted previously the simple fact is in football you cannot be a coward, sorry, I mean Chameleon.

The reason why you could make such a simple and accurate prediction in your match previews is because it’s exactly the same thing as we saw in Unai’s second match against Chelsea, or the final against Chelsea.

In both contests although his team were set up to play different “tactics” and “formations” he does the same thing. Every single time.

The Arsenal Holes droned on about Groundhog Day when they were seeing different things every week. They didn’t know what they were talking about.

Emery freaked or freaks out at halftime, everytime. He dropped or drops his pants and tried or tries to fix his anchor and yet every time the poor footballers on the football pitch only resemble poor galley slaves sinking down into the depths along with Unai’s ship.

Raul Is the biggest Idiot

But as we have discussed here since last season, the biggest idiot at the club is the person who appointed Emery. And it looks like it was always their plan to bring in Jose. Sabotage? Is that too gentle a word to describe Raul’s work at the Arsenal? Who can defend this man’s record at the club?

Which is why the “I Really Like Raul” fanboys have been talking about Emery being outfoxed by Ozil’s PR and not the head of Football Relations.

The leaks from the dressing room about Emery this week probably came from the man who hired him, who has always had Jose lined up to be his main man. Raul, who destroyed the reputation of Barcelona in the game, what is he doing to the Arsenal?

When will the big Arsenal online accounts point out the bleeding obvious. That Daddy Raul is bleeding the club?

This comment on the blog by  FinsburyP two weeks ago remains as relevant as ever.


  1. Rosicky@ArsenalNovember 7, 2019 at 9:20 am

    A big no to Jose please.

    Bring Wenger back. The most easiest quick fix solution .
    Wenger Is available and a phone call away.
    Pls raise your voices .

  2. Cheers Shotts for resurrecting this piece and cheers to fins for writing it in the first place( been missing his posts recently) wherever he is.

  3. I’m back into my WordPress account!

    I wonder where all these new critics of Emery where whenhe was incapable of playing the best no 8 in the league as an 8? For more then half a season!

    Thanks Shotta for publishing my concerns on the fraud damaging and trying to sink the Good Ship Arsenal.

    If the Arsenal community last season appeared incapable of identifying these Frauds who have damaged other clubs like Barcelona, instead they were supporting them! then do we deserve this Mike Ashley treatment?

    Do you truly reap what you sow?

    I hope the Blaggers somehow muster up the Footballs to pull their fingers out of their Arsenal’s and make an effort to help save the club but given their form on the pitch towards AW I am not optimistic that these clowns are capable of saving their own reps and hopefully the club in the process.


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