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The Worldwide Arsenal 20-21 Season Review: Why did the Gunners Finish 8th?

YouTube Livestream to Podcast: Arsenal fans from three continents: Ehab aka @candymanchenk, @omijaved and Byso aka @hawk_red join with yours truly to provide a deep dive into the underlying reasons why Arsenal finished 8th in the League in 20-21 season. In the end there is no great optimism for the 21-22 season.

Appeal to our readers and supporters: We are one of very few Arsenal podcasters who are willing to take a critical view of recent developments at Arsenal which are cause for concern for any honest, fair-minded supporter of the football club. The reward has been a very loyal band of listeners whom we really appreciate. Thank you.

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  1. Thanks guys & gals

    Well. We will all see what happens next year!
    If Xhaka goes it won’t only mean a drop off in quality as the replacement will not be as good (should I bet on it?) it’ll break the growing continuity of the Xhaka-Partey combo which underlined almost all the good things the latter part of the season.

    Bellerin off? Purge nearly complete as Shard has commented.
    Shotta I might have missed it on the stream but did you discuss the specific comments from Mislintat and specific The Change in Model? Have all players signed to the wrong agents now departed?

    • Thanks for your kind comments and also your reminder about Mislintat. I won’t forget when We do another Livestream this Saturday, 8:00 pm BST. We will do it weekly for the time being. Please subscribe.

  2. Is anyone really Confused by the Saliba story?

    How a club like the Arsenal can spend such moolah and not even play a player!

    Ask Sven and he’ll explain whagwan here

    A Sherlock Holmes mini-series or spin off tv show is not required here to investigate. You can save your time!!!

  3. ANNOUNCEMENT: Fans who truly love and care for Arsenal Football Club must feel some anxiety about the upcoming transfer window as the stability and continuity of the Wenger era has been replaced by substantial turnover ever since. Will the 2021 summer transfer window be any different? For answers tune-in to the “livestream” by the Uncensored Arsenal at 4:00pm AST or 8:00 pm BST Saturday, June 5th.

  4. You’d think that after hiring men that gutted the squad and set back our scouting Arsenal would take some self reflection and try to hold on to the good.
    But Everything still shows us that the lessons weren’t learned, The club has been infected by the same brain worm that used to infect that subset of fans. They keep expecting someone to come along and save them. A new coach, a new player, anything thing to keep their “we tried” narrative alive.
    The most concrete goal Arsenal has is to play football, it’s a football club , the clue is in the name. Yet that seems to be the least worked on aspect.
    Even OIL Money FC and other ‘roided out clubs still sell football, they have an embarrassment of riches , but that’s geared towards what happens on the pitch.
    Nothing about this “rebuild” feels genuine, it feels calculated PR spin to make us not think too hard about what the football will feel like. I never thought I’d see an entire club fall for the “Football Manager” game trope, when everything becomes about transfers.
    I want to like Arteta, but as long as the club does the safe boring “going through the motions” we wont get football. He needs to be completely embarrassed and shocked out of the complacency, this “brave face” nonsense needs to end. People say if the profitability is affected that everything will magically be fixed. No the real crises that needs to happen is a crisis of conscience, the actual footballing part of AFC needs to step up, they cant rely on anyone else. Until Arteta feels himself personally is at stake he wont have the incentive to do any truly creative or effective work. That “Ambush and Pashun” cant activate until our managers truly accept the depths of how poor we are. Small gains are blinding them , the slow decline is going unnoticed , they need catastrophe, and not even the financial kind. Only negative stimuli can save Arsenal now, personal failures, maybe the off season can bring that realization, but only an actual disaster class can break them from the comfortable stupor.

  5. Hey Rancid. Very profound analysis by you; Arsenal drifting downwards by failing to hold on to its values as it let go of Wenger and decided to become just another football club. I share your opinion that this drift will continue as the owners in particular and fans in general seem to think throwing money at the football via transfers will cause an uptick in fortune. That to me is the chance of a snowball in hell. I hope we find the bottom of the barrel as fast as Liverpool. While clubs like Aston Villa and Leeds did scrape the barrel and made it back to the top-flight, there is still no prospect of former glories. Hope to god we don’t do a Nottingham Forest.

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    We discuss Arsenal 2021 summer transfers. Have a laugh at the ITKs now squabbling among themselves. Avoid the insanity.


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