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Arsenal Are Underdogs In 21st Cup Final

#ARS in record 21st cup final vs CHE

The last day of the English football season, and the famous Arsenal are still in with a chance of glory. With everything that has happened, there’s not much more you can ask for as a fan. There is of course a legacy to live up to. 13 FA cup wins is a record. 21 final appearances likewise. 7 FA Cups for Arsene Wenger as well. This trophy ought to come home, and may it be the first of many in Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal career.

It will be a difficult game. Arsenal go into this as underdogs, which is how it was in 2017. However, we had better players and a better manager then. A manager, who, Arteta revealed this week, he has been in regular touch with and receives advice from. So I’m sure he won’t mind Wenger being given his due when Mikel himself has it all to prove still.

Thoughts on Lampard, Giroud, Ozil and Bergkamp

At the same time, Chelsea themselves have a relative newcomer as manager. I remember looking at the work he’s done there early in the season and feeling envious. Of course that was when we had Emery in charge and I would look at anyone that way. There did follow a period where people were harsh on him, but having wrestled their way to Champions League qualification, he deserves the credit.

Another who deserves credit for their late season form is the often maligned former Arsenal player and centurion, Olivier Giroud. What he lacks in speed he more than makes up for with his touch, his size, his nous, and his fight. Arteta, a former teammate, recognises this quality in him.

Much of the hate and ridicule towards Giroud from Arsenal fans comes due a run of poor form in 2016 which saw him (and others) fail to make the most of Ozil’s amazing chance creation. The same Mesut Ozil, sadly, has been ostracised at the club he chose to commit his future to, after a change in upper management. They decided to make him and his contract the cover for all their ills.

What’s the antonym of a panacea? Kia Joorabchian? Some reports say Ozil is in Turkey and will not be involved in the game at all. The latter part isn’t all that surprising, though no less depressing. But him not being at the club is strange. Does it mean a move is on the cards? Guess we’ll see next season.

Also what we’ll see next season is if the rumour of new coaching additions including Dennis Bergkamp are true. Arteta was asked about it, and though he put it off, he didn’t exactly deny it. Not in words, nor with his body language. I freely admit that I was fangirling over the possibility of God being back. Imagine him coaching the young players at the club. Would be a shame if he didn’t get to share the training ground with his spiritual successor in Mesut Ozil.

Arsenal fans seem nervous

Anyway, that is for later. Back to the game. It’s actually been surprisingly quiet in the buildup. Maybe it’s because of the coronavirus and fans not making the trip to Wembley, or it’s just that Arsenal fans are nervous and less confident after what happened in last year’s EL final. Even though Arteta was clear that it makes no difference, and logically he is right. But fans don’t operate through logic, do they?

Personally, I always believe Arsenal can win (as long as we have a coach) and I’m looking forward to the game.

Wembley has been kind to us, but Chelsea have a good record at the ground as well. Two odd bits of info. Chelsea were the last team to win at the old Wembley and the first at the new Wembley. They also win FA Cups at the start of decades. Guess we’ll just have to break that streak.

Lifting the trophy despite a break in tradition

She may wear a yellow ribbon but Arsenal will wear their snazzy new red and white kits. Said it before; I dislike using next season’s kits in this manner.  Apparently the FA thinks it being a Cup final and now being the merry month of August, the occasion deserves an exception. The kits don’t really matter, but we’ll look really good lifting the trophy with some swag.

We have shown good progress under Arteta and winning the FA Cup will be a fitting testament to that and to his legacy as Wenger’s true successor. I’m hoping for a good solid team performance. My other hope is the game isn’t decided by a refereeing disaster-class, but rather by a moment of magic. We’ve had FA Cup heroes aplenty in the recent, and not so recent past. It is now time for a new player to step up and write themselves into Arsenal history. Could it be one of the Hale End boys? Perhaps No. 14 will deliver us FA Cup no. 14?

It could be magic and I am dying to see it. Come On You Gunners!


Written By: Shard aka @shardgooner


  1. Good post Shard, I would I imagine that we’ll go with the rope a dope strategy that worked against L’pool and man city. I agree that we’re the underdogs but can surely with them. We’ll get chances and if we can convert a couple it will be interesting 2-1 nail biter!

    • Thanks.

      I’m not sure rope-a-dope will work as well against Chelsea. I fully expect Giroud to score btw. He’a a better CF than people have given him credit for. Typically because he played for Arsenal of course. Still, a 2-1 nailbiting win sounds good, and I’ll take it.

  2. Rosicky@ArsenalAugust 1, 2020 at 5:07 am

    Nice preview shotta.
    Both new managers deserves credit. But frankly speaking Lampard deserves more credit for mending things at the right side of the pitch .Arteta focusing in defence but Lampard has delivered by playing the attacking stuff.
    Hope Arteta to follow Master Wenger and play football the correct way.

  3. Given how the Kronke’s treated the greatest football coach to have coached the club in its history (please refer to those fa cups and golden trophies if you are a reader confused by the factual record) and how they treated Ramsey and Ozil and Koscielny then it’s a miracle the club have made it to this final.

    And a credit to Arteta. And any advice Arsene that has been giving him hehehe.

    It is and was always clear that Arsene only stayed after the Takeover over a decade ago out of loyalty to the club. And yet it may be Arsene’s anointed heir who today salvages the Kronke’s record of late. I’m. not sure they want Arteta to stay at the club, certainly Raul does not. Let’s not kid ourselves and be in denial of the record over a decade.
    Therefore all of these considerations make this contest even more critical then last years final!

    Yet with this contest being marshalled by a “dishonest” accountant then how can anyone even dare to predict the outcome today?


    Arteta is already a legend but if his wins this final…


    • Raul is a pest. Win or lose, he will continue to be one. I can only imagine he won’t be happy about Bergkamp joining the coaching staff either and will do everything in his power to scuttle it, if it even is a real thing.

      Last time around Taylor allowed our first goal to stand, and sent off Willian for diving. Based on Untold Arsenal data from the past refs tend to be less PGMOL-esque when officiating in the tournament that comes directly under the FA. Of course that’s no guarantee. Hopefully we own’t give Taylor a chance to screw us over. Chelsea are ‘investing’ big money and we’ve seen in the past how such projects are encouraged.

      Arteta is a good coach. I still miss Arsene and bemoan how we’ve handled the transition. But here we are. Just win today and I’ll be happy. Should strengthen Arteta’s say at the club too.

    • My position is clear. Josh must take responsibility for his family’s investment. Under his watch we have had one of most mishandled managerial transitions in English football. Less said about Raul Sanllehi the better. Let’s hope Arteta can overcome the odds and lead the club to victory in another FA cup.

      • Shard
        Taylor gave us a goal he should’ve disallowed, and sent off not William but Mose (sorry to be pedantic)

        Today is the first time ever a ref had been given a second final.
        Getting a final used to be the peak of a refs career same as a player.

        So, the pgmob are literally, as we know and observe, rewriting the rule books and making it up as they go along.

        Like a bunch of starving cowboys hustling cattle.

        Fingers crossed then.

        Shotts is right, the buck stops with the Kronke’s.
        We spent years wondering what would happen when they would bin the deal made at the previous owners death bed.cant say I’m surprised save the ineptitude on display surprised even me and somehow we got Arteta after they’d fobbed him off last time round. Fortunately for us Arteta loves the club more then these clowns do, as much as we do.

        The Chelsea Man vs The Arsenal Man


        • Rosicky@ArsenalAugust 2, 2020 at 5:30 am

          Fins @ 918
          Fully agree what you have said. It Is a miracle we have won the Arsene Wenger cup despite the way we lost Kos Ramsey .Ozil being sidelined for unknown reasons.
          With the Pigmob favouring us a bit made things easy & we got lucky as well with Chelsea faced successive injuries. Not taking anything away from Arteta and his boys.
          Don’t forget to thanks Arsene Wenger to have left us with such a wonderful set of squad in , Mustafi Ozil, Bellerin,Xhaka,Auba,
          Laca & a youth team set up providing us promising talent every year.

          In the end my usual dig at the idiot fans who disrespcted our greatest manager ever did they get what they wished for? Where is the League title they promised us will come as soon as Wenger departs. It’s been 2 years and counting…..

        • Damn. I’ve got Willian on the brain. Moses it was indeed.

  4. I’m ready for the heart attack football, I’m not even worried.

    I feel Chelsea bring in the more comfortable position will hurt them in the end. Arsenal has all the print up European aspirations. It may very well be our game, the he team who “wants it more”

  5. FFS I’m Rancid Potato not anonymous

  6. 14th FA cup and this is our worst season in 25 years. Who would have thunk that? Shard did btw.

  7. So did I and gave you the score ;+).

    Great team performance !


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