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Arsenal Face Future Of Mid-Table Mediocrity

After falling to defeat in the North London derby and news that Manchester City escaped serious punishment for violations of UEFA’s fair play rules, the Arseblagger is depressed about the future of Arsenal and the Premier League. He is convinced the Gunners will descend to mid-table mediocrity. Tune-in to this podcast.

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  1. In the current competitive environment with both UEFA and the Premier League unable to prevent clubs with super-rich owners from buying up almost all the most talented players, only a genius can keep Arsenal in the top-4. That genius is Arsene Wenger. In my response to George’s well-founded pessimism, my alternative is for the owners to get on their knees and beg Wenger to return in an executive position and help Arteta rebuild this club. Get rid of Don Raul and his address book pronto!
    I stand by my recommendations.


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