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Arsenal Prediction – 10th In the League

In this edition of the Uncensored Arsenal podcast, yours truly and the Arseblagger, Blackburn George, predict what was previously unthinkable; that on current form, under manager Unai Emery, Arsenal is likely to come 10th in the Premier League. In analyzing the club’s poor performance versus Leicester as part of a 19 game trend, we see no light at the end of the tunnel until and unless the club hierarchy make a change in management.

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  1. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? Yes its the lights of the Emeryball train!

    cheers lads, brilliant, love you guys.

  2. Thanks guys, much love from me too!

    If we compare the Kronke’s to Mike Ashley, then Ashley comes up smelling roses.

    It’s that bad.

    He may be an utter **** but he picks better Football coaches then our calamitous head of Football Relations Not The Don Raul Montana.
    Nevermind Benitez Bruce is ten times the coach that Emery is.

    As for poor old Gunedouzi. He’s not even as good a midfielder as Elneny (at his current age and experience) and yet our Blagging reprobates still can’t point to their audience after a whole year! How is he a starter in CM for the Arsenal? How was he a starter ahead of Rambo and a barely recovered Cazorla etc.

    Oh my god when you think about it it doesn’t bear thinking.


    Yet there he is. Every game!!!!
    How does this not get any comment?
    For over a season!!!!!!!

    I have no idea how people can spend so many hours on football podcasts yet still know sweet FA about the footy! The mind boggles

    This Raul Montana has snorted so much snow he is still believing his own hype as the rest of the football world begins to laugh at him in unison,

    It’s the same old story eh?
    Don’t get high on your own supply. Messy endings beckon but as with Barcelona he doesn’t give a duck as he’ll clear out and cash his chips in (sale of Gunedouzi lol!) before the shit truly hits the fan.

    You think it’s bad now?

    Get. Raul. Out. Of. The. Club.

  3. Thanks to Mills and Finsbury for your encouraging words. Am not bragging but for the past year George and I have been the 1st bloggers and podcasters to observe that (1) very poor performances in the unbeaten run was unsustainable, (2) Emery is a poor coach and (3) Raul is destroying our club. Notice almost all the others initially dismissed us but slowly but surely this has become the consensus especially #1 and #2. I have no doubt they will soon realize how “degenerate” is Raul to quote Finsbury.

    We did not come to our prediction of 10th place lightly. As always we called it just like we see it.

    If we are to get fans behind us to demand real change by the Kroenkes please spread the word about our podcast and by Liking and Subscribing this podcast.

    Remember we are not on NewsNow and we haven’t sold our souls for popularity.

    • What’s up folks!
      Nothing but the “uncensored” truth yet again. Well done as usual!

      I know it’s not funny but I had to laugh when I heard George lost for words. You just can’t understand how an Arsenal team can be so dire! How the club we knew become so embarrassing so quickly. We all are lost for words likewise. It is inconceivable but sadly fact.

      I must be honest. I don’t see Arsenal winning another match in the PL this season, this type of football is not conducive to winning. I’m sure we will but I can’t see it happening. Kinda oxymoronic I guess. On the other hand I always thought we would win under Arsene, whether it be Barca, Bayern etc; you just knew that on our day we could beat any team in the world and we did.

      The board is at fault for first hiring Emery(his reputation precedes from what I have read) and not firing him already, what they can’t be blamed for is his crap style of managing. His problem is that he has the team playing not to lose instead of playing to win. As Stated that is not the type of players in the team they want to attack.

      I agree with George saying that you cannot tell how good the players are due this mans ridiculous style of managing. Have you ever seen those machines that people go in to see how much money they can get, with a high powered fans blowing the money all around? It’s hard to get the money because it’s all over the place. Same with Emery how can the players thrive in a system that goes in a different direction from game to game? To add insult to injury sit the best players for a 19 year old new comer who ought to be in the reserves.

      Contrary to what most say I think our defending is admirable, to have to defend shot after shot cannot be easy. I mean we her outshot in every single match by a margin most of the time.

      I would actually have Arsene back. Let him manage for 2 years, steady the ship and then give our own Freddie a chance.

  4. I think we have a fine your player in Pepe. He needs a season to adjust to the league but I
    am convinced that once he does he will be a top player for us. Torreira likewise. Let the man play the DM and watch him thrive. We watched him in the World Cup and in the earlier stages of last season and he did my disappoint. We simply need a manager who knows what he is doing to get the best out of them.

    I think Guen ought to demoted. I would prefer see Willock or AMN in, who to me are way better players. What has happened to Reis Nelson?

  5. Another week, another new low for the club.

    This is the Emery Degeneracy.

    Took a whole year as in twelve months of the worst football management on and off the pitch that any of us will ever see for our Expert Blaggers to acknowledge the frauds and scammers running the club because this is Raul’s Emery Degeneracy.

    Will Raul fall on his own sword in payment for his credit continuing crimes against the club? Will he ****!

    Therefore It’s definitely going to get worse.
    I’m following the women’s team for now as I like to watch Football in my free time and not a fraud who doesn’t know what a Midfield is.
    but given the rate at which these cowboys are flogging off all the club’s assets how long before the Ladies Team is also turned into fodder for their laundrette?
    Might as well appreciate them whilst they are still here eh?

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