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Arsenal Slay Negative Brentford

Arsenal slew Brentford and their negative tactics in the latest dramatic chapter of their 2023-24 Premier League season. In this #UncensoredArsenal podcast both Blackburn George and I were impressed by the manner in which Arsenal gained the victory, increasing their intensity from the 1st to 2nd half as Expected Goals, Number of Shots and Corner Attempts significantly increased prior to the winning goal. Once again the podcast is “eating humble pie” for prematurely writing off Kai Havertz. George stresses that criticism was valid when he was playing the midfield Xhaka role but it must be acknowledged he has been outstanding playing as a false 9. The podcast concluded with thoughts about whether Arsenal’s title prospects are better than the failed challenge of 2022-23.

In support of our analysis below are match statistics from sofascore.com showing how Arsenal intensified the pressure from 1st to second half.

1st Half Stats

2nd Half Stats

Finally, for readers review consider the Arsenal last 10 figures in the 2023-24 EPL campaign.

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