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Arsenal vs Leeds: Who Will Be The Entertainers?

#ARSLEE match preview by @ShardGooner

Arsenal finally got a chance to get a full week of training under their belts, and much needed it was too after the recent run of form. It’s still come too early for Tierney and Partey to return and that constitutes a problem.

The loss to Villa was put mostly on the referee, but Arteta did catch flak for bringing on Willian instead of a midfielder like Ceballos. Ugh, and now here I am advocating for Dani Ceballos. That’s how far standards have fallen. Xhaka and Partey seemed to be forming a good partnership and this injury is bound to have an effect. Plus, having sent out both Kolasinac and Niles we only have a backup RB as our first choice LB. I’m sorry, but that isn’t a very trustworthy process. So there.

Still, Leno is back from suspension, as is David Luiz (Yaay, I guess?). Auba will hopefully also find his way back to sharpness and goals. But the real redemption man will be Pepe. The last time we played against Leeds we held on to a goalless draw after Pepe let his frustration get the better of him as Alioski goaded him into a head tap. At that point his Arsenal career looked all but done, but of late, he has found new life and form. Mostly on the left wing. I wonder if we push Auba at CF now. Martinelli is back as well and could be another candidate for either of these positions.

Looks like we have some depth in attack. This is useful as maybe now we can start to put away our chances.

Creativity is a problem, especially with Tierney not there as an outlet, but ESR has helped, and this could be just the sort of game that he finds himself being a factor in. Or so we hope.

Fun football vs conservative football

Marcelo Bielsa is an icon of the game now. All his tactics and image as a football obsessed, slightly eccentric individual aside, I reckon it’s mostly because his teams are just fun to watch. Which, ultimately, is what it’s about. They’ve taken 43 shots more than Arsenal in the PL season and scored 11 more goals. They have only one clean sheet less than us (7 to our 8) so they aren’t exactly poor on defense, though they do tend to concede a lot of goals in certain matches. And just to prove that fun football doesn’t have to be unsuccessful, the newly promoted team are ahead of the mighty Arsenal by 1 point, with one less game played. What a strange season this is. Or is it something more permanent?

We need to be wary of their star man Patrick Bamford. He’s got 12 PL goals already, and is also their leading assist maker with 5. Raphinha has been lighting it up of late as well. And former Arsenal youngster Luke Ayling is another important piece at right back and is their leading passer and tackler. They will be without Kalvin Phillips in midfield though.

Never much of a respecter of reputations, Leeds will look to press us early and counter us, committing bodies in attack. I wonder if we’ll look to keep possession higher up the pitch or sit deep ourselves and play through/above their press. Either way, without Partey as Xhaka’s partner, it is going to be a tough job.

Still, if we can get the ball to our front line in good positions, I think we can punish Leeds. I have a feeling Auba will score.

Win, and we get to 34 points. Just 6 behind Liverpool who are really struggling this season, to even maintain a grip on the top 4. We’re only 5 behind Spurs right now as well, after another Mourinho masterclass against ManCity.

Top 4 is beyond us this season, especially with the way we are playing. But I think it’s well past time for St Totteringham to make an appearance. Yes, beating Spurs is now my PL target. Oh, and avoid the 3rd tier Uefa money/influence spinner. What are they calling it?

Death threats are unacceptable

There’s also been a focus on players, coaches and referees, and their families, receiving death threats on social media. Whatever you think of Mike Dean and his federation, he doesn’t deserve that. Nor does Arteta. Nor did Ozil or Xhaka. It’s all become so serious and loud now that it seems to almost be an acceptable by-product of the industry. It needs to stop, and football needs to start being fun again.

Bielsa is the flag bearer for that. Maybe Arteta, who can trace some part of his footballing education to him, can start to take over now. A win on Sunday would be a start. A win with style would be ideal. Entertain us, Arsenal. We need it.

Written by Shard aka @ShardGooner


  1. Rosicky@ArsenalFebruary 14, 2021 at 7:25 am

    Seems like Shard did not take into account that we lost to Wolves and Villa on a trot. Although the refs played their part but the opposition was beatable for a club like Arsenal. Did we lost to the clubs like Wolves and Villa under Arsene?Maybe once in a decade.
    Shard comparing us with Liverpool and Spurs at this stage is just over optimism. Even they dropping points is meaningless as both will finish surely ablove us.Tks to Artetaball which emphasizes defence first.
    Leeds will beat us imho as they play a positive brand of football under Bielsa.
    Whatever the result watching Leeds is more entertaining these days than watching Artetaball.
    Sorry days for Gooners.
    Poor match preview Shard.

    • Thanks for highlighting all the implied criticisms of Arsenal and Arteta ?

      I mean, yeah it’s a sorry state of affairs right now. What’s worse than the position is the attitude from the club about all their actions.

      But what can we do other than hope that our superior talent level will carry the day?

    • St. Totteringham Day is something to look forward in the midst of Artetaball.

  2. Whilst fans continue to base our future on a wishful thinking assessment of arteta’s ability we will continue to wallow in the sea of mediocrity that is his trademark.

    We will continue to pepper the opposing penalty area with crosses that no one will do anything with and our defence will still leak goals, frequently assisted by our own players.

    The future is grim which is why I approach each game with a reduced interest than the one before.

    I will still watch, mainly because I have paid the monthly fee but no eager anticipation and with increasing boredom.

    I may be wrong, but have my doubts.

  3. Sorry. I would rather tell of how I feel and not how I would like to feel.

    Good luck to you both. I dare say it is a difficult task.

  4. I am prepared to eat some humble pie as it was a good performance, although the last 30 minutes wherever even and rather tense.

  5. Really proud of @shardgooner who was spot on his preview. It was a “fun” game as he predicted. Credit to Arteta for an attacking set up which caught Leeds cold in the 1st half. In the end both teams entertained; Arsenal winning because they took advantage of Leeds in the 1st half. But with his 2nd half substitutions Bielsa did prove we can be gotten at as they scored two good goals and had several chances. So I would counsel Arsenal fan against over celebrating.

  6. Rosicky@ArsenalFebruary 15, 2021 at 5:17 am

    Well played Arsenal.The lads put in the efforts and were rewarded.But mind you it was Leeds who play an open game which suited us. We will not be allowed to play our game against packed defences. Btw which kind of game we play against which side only Arteta knows.
    Shotta you are right Bielsa did prove he know some football as Leeds run riot against us in the 2nd half.They scored 2 and could have scored the 3rd as well.
    Next set of games will define our season. I am still not very hopeful as we play City Leicester Liverpool Chelsea in the next few weeks. Difficult time for the WOBS….


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