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Heartbreak From Wolves and Villa – Should We Blame It On The Referees?

Podcast: After Arsenal’s losses to Wolverhampton Wanderers and Aston Villa, yours truly and Blackburn George discuss whether fans should put this down entirely to the referees. Should we  be satisfied with the improved defending but moderate goalscoring under Arteta?

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  1. Rosicky@ArsenalFebruary 10, 2021 at 5:02 am

    Great podcast Shotta and George. This is the type of stuff everybody on this planet should listen to or atleast who watch Epl.
    People who didnt believed that Arsenal.and Arsene Wenger were always up against 12 men since the arrival of Mike Riley as the head of Pigmob. The podcast describes in detail how we were robbed of the title in 2015 and Leicester were favoured with dubious calls through out the whole season.
    One thing i would like to point out to George that why he cant figure out the reason Arsenal were treated differently under Arsene Wenger. For me it is quite obvious that we were treated harshly mainly due to the reason that Arsene Wenger belongs to France and everone know about English & French rivalry. Sorry for being so blunt but for me itl was the biggest handicap for Arsene Wenger since 2008 onwards.

    Any way great job Shotta.
    Look forward for your blogs and podcasts.Keep it up.

    • Thank you Ros. BTW its Jon Moss who infamously red carded Xhaka in January 2017 for a tackle to prevent a breakaway, an offense for which nobody before and nobody since has ever been red carded. Moss red carded him twice that year btw. It was the season we came 5th with 75 points, the only time a club with that number failed to make top-4. I wonder how many of our fans now railing against referee injustice stood up to defend Wenger against the bias and incompetence of the referees that existed all through his tenure at the club. But even if we mitigate referee bias and incompetence, will Arsenal become a more attacking side, able to score more than 1.2 Goals Per Game so far this season? That to me is the issue.

  2. Rosicky@ArsenalFebruary 10, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    It was not only Moss Shotts.Almost every refree has shown his bias against Arsene Wenger.Be it Atkinson,Moss,Dean,Oliver.Every ref promoted Rileys agenda against Arsenal.
    I feel the bias was less when Emery was incharge.Whats ur take on it?

    • It’s institutional bias Ros. The EPL’s flagship club is Manchester United. Once upon a time it was Liverpool. Note they are both northern clubs, a cultural and footballing divide the Powers That Be are happy to cultivate. Arsenal and Wenger gate crashed the party in 1997. Afterwards it was Chelsea and Man City with their big bucks from the oilers and oligarchs. That tilted the balance against Arsenal. The PGMOL is now better able to screw us over now that we can’t afford the best players. Nothing new today compared to the past 25 years.

  3. Rosicky@ArsenalFebruary 10, 2021 at 6:25 pm

    Agreed Shotts @ 233

    But my point was that during Emery tenure i noticed the bias was less as compared to Arsene Wengers reign. I might be wrong Maybe you can do some research on this. A study of fouls given,cards shown,penalty for and against etc during Emery can be a yardstick to compare the two periods.Thouh Emery stayed for One and a half season only against Wengers 22 seasons but one can always make an average per match for comparison.

    • Am not sure the refs attitude to us really changed under Emery. He may have gotten the new manager honeymoon just like Arteta received. The best indicator is Xhaka. Whether it’s Wenger, Emery or Xhaka he is carded for the slightest indiscretion while comparable players get away with murder. Not sure if it’s worth researching. I am focused on highlighting Arteta’s failure to play positive football. Leeds, for example, just up from the championship, put us to shame.

  4. Mason demoted this week too I think.
    Predictable fire fighting I suppose.

    Shotts you’ll be happy to hear the Arsenal home crowd once loudly serenaded Mason with the lullaby “you’re not fit to referee”. Loudly. Not a library that match.

    • Lee Mason, Jon Moss, Mike Riley; same rotten fish, same barrel. I shudder when they ref our matches. How did Wenger succeed with these incompetents in charge?

  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/TyBracey/status/1358222393194512386

    Will people ever see this in the PL or has it gone to far down the slippery slope to ever recover credibility?

    • The PL will do just enough to keep the punters happy. With us mostly locked down in our homes and stadiums closed the financials of most clubs must be horrible. They will come up with something.


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