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Arteta-Ball Was The Winner At Old Trafford

Podcast: As Arsenal defeat Manchester United at Old Trafford for the 1st time in 14 years, for most football fans it doesn’t matter how many shots Arsenal made on United’s goal. All that matters was the win. Yours truly Shotta and Blackburn George, @Arseblagger, conclude Arteta-Ball was the winner.

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  1. No comments on here and only 2 on PA. That’s disappointing.

    • Do people want us to go to extremes like most other podcasts and bloggers?
      One extreme is to be a cheerleader and pretend we thoroughly “outclassed” Manchester United or, on the other hand, to be a moaner complaining that Arteta was too negative. As you know we tried to be balanced.

      * We gave Arteta credit for the win and the success of his tactics.
      * We expressed concern about the few shots at goal we created.

      Apparently we are not controversial enough. Sensationalism sells newspapers and podcasts. Such dishonesty, in my opinion, is why Arsenal is in its current state. We are no way closer to the title than 3 years ago and slipping further as sensible policies have been abandoned as too many fans started to believe in the constant negativity by scoundrels and opportunists.


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