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Can Arsenal Stop Spurs Going 6-Straight Unbeaten?

#ARSTOT preview by Shard aka @ShardGooner

It’s time again for the one fixture fans and players alike look to first when they are announced. The greatest derby of them all. The bitterest as well, since Spurs got their lily-tighty-whities in a bunch by the idea of a bigger team moving in to what they saw as their turf. Ever since then protecting their turf has been a problem for them and Arsenal have won more league titles there than they have.

Soon enough it became tradition to welcome a saint to North London every year. No not Arsene Wenger. But St Totteringham. Blessed be his name. Unfortunately, after looking past all the mind the gap and negative spiral nonsense, St Totts finally decided to rest for a few long years.

Now Arsenal may not be the Arsenal of old, but we’re still winning trophies while Spurs get an Amazon ‘reality’ show and… .oh…. something called an Audi Cup. Poor Audi’s sales must have gone down since.

A fierce rivalry

Jokes aside though, the rivalry remains fierce, and, after long years of Wenger-led domination, has become quite competitive, even skewed in Spurs’ favor. This needs to change. We’re still in with a shout of the Europa League (as are Spurs) and while that remains the actual trophy, as far as the league campaign is concerned, I’m really hoping we can finish the season ahead of the Middlesex Chickens.

A great stat floating around is that Spurs can, finally, win as many PL games as Wenger did. Bet if they manage it they’ll make merchandise of it. The media will make a show of how they’ve closed the gap. Never mind that it took them 10 years more to do it.

But that, if anything, should be the added motivation that Arsenal need to not let it happen. As it stands, Spurs can go 6 straight unbeaten against us for the first time ever. There are also still concerns about our performance. But if you can’t resort to clichés of form going out the window, and who wants it more, for a derby game then what even is the point of football.

They have Son, we have err…Willian

They have Harry Kane who once again pretends to be injured just before playing us. But we have Aubameyang. They have Bale, we have Saka. They have Son, we have err…. Willian? Ok never mind, they have Mourinho, we have Arteta… Sigh.

Ok look. So I’m not very high on our prospects in general. But I do believe that we have players that are much better than our level of play or league position would suggest. I also believe now that our real target of top 4 is gone, we must paint a target on Spurs’ back and chase them down in the league. What better time to start than the NLD? Win tomorrow and we narrow the gap to 4 points with 10 games to go. They’re going to start to smell the lasagna. Lose and…. well, that’s unthinkable. We’re the Arsenal. What do we think of Tottenham?

Let’s hope the FA don’t fine us for that.

I was lucky enough to see us come back from 2 goals down to win 5-2 courtesy of a Sagna ‘Eff This’ header. I’d love to see our current right back, Hector Bellerin rocket in the winning goal. This is the league campaign right here. Let’s show that we’re up for it.

Written by Shard aka @ShardGooner


  1. Rosicky@ArsenalMarch 14, 2021 at 6:12 am

    If we cant beat Burnley it would be very difficult to beat spurs.Mouriniho will be there for spurs to overcome Arsenal at Emirates. The pigmob will make sure that we are denied of even a draw imo.
    An early red card or a dodgy pen will do the trick for them as we have seen countless time during Wenger era.Lets see what happens this evening.

    • Hey Ros. I think we can agree that against Burnley we should have been home and hosed before the Leno-Xhaka debacle and long before Marriner and Friend screwed us over. No surprise to me the refereeing hasn’t changed with or without Wenger. The PGMO is dominated by Northern refs and unlike say Man Utd or Liverpool screwing over Arsenal has no career-ending consequences.

    • You are absolutely correct.

      I’m choosing to be positive today though. Not blindly so, but there’s a chance of beating that lot and I’m going to hope and pray that it turns out that way.

      • Spot on Shard. You absolutely nailed it; Spurs ain’t all that. This Arsenal team proved it. Only 3 shots on target but that’s the Arteta way. Enough to beat an even more shot-shy Spurs.


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