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Is Arsenal Stronger, Weaker or the Same

In this the August 4th edition of the UnCensored podcast, yours truly, Shotta, discusses with Blackburn George, aka @Arseblagger, the performance of Arsenal versus Barcelona and conclude whether the Gunners are Stronger, Weaker or Same as last year.

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  1. Great stuff.

    What is Arsenal’s best CM with this squad?

    Xhaka & ?

    Be nice to see Willock start at Newcastle with Torreira and Cebellos both having had less pre-season prep.

    But it’s going to be Guendouzi I guess?
    I like Matteo but I’m not sure he’s the right choice alongside Granit at this stage of his career. I could be wrong.

    And I’d like to see Mustafi at RB IBSF.

    Hopeful of more minutes for the younger players but the memory of Nketiah left on the bench against Brighton in the last league game still haunts me *shudders*

    • Rumours of a loan for Eddie.

      Hopefully to a good football team & coach if it happens.

    • I was impressed by the double pivot of Xhaka and Willock versus Barcelona. If Emery is going to play 4 at the back, based on our experience with with this current squad, excluding the new recruits, a two in central midfield must contain Xhaka. Pair him with someone more mobile but who can get stuck in and there is a good balance. Believe it or not Xhaka is the 3rd most experienced player at Arsenal next to Monreal and Ozil. Based on both club and international experience he is way ahead of all the recent additions the transfer addicts are raving about. As for Guendouzi he is tidy player but to me is not exceptional. I don’t understand why he has gotten so many games in such a critical position. At the end of the day it’s down to the manager. As we said in the podcast he mismanaged the resources at his disposal last year. We can only hope he does a better job this season.


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