Wenger’s legacy is fundamental. Free flowing, attacking football by a club with integrity and class.

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Readers: If you like what we are doing with this new blog, we appeal to you to Subscribe, Retweet, Repost; do everything in your power to spread the word and encourage new readers. We will never receive the endorsement of mainstream media, not from NewsNow and not the big social media accounts who are making money and notoriety from spreading negativity about Arsenal Football Club. Uncensored Arsenal is the complete opposite.

I am pleased to report our first month of activity has been a tremendous success.

  • 17 new blogs have been posted including 4 podcasts. We have tried hard to provide an alternative to the lies and misinformation about our football club that comes not only  from the mainstream media but from so-called Arsenal bloggers, tweeters, podcasters and YouTubers who profit from sewing and amplifying negativity. For example, we started publishing just about the time the biggest Arsenal blogger and his so-called financial expert promoted a huge series of tweets that Arsenal had no money and was worse off than all its top-6 rivals. Shortly after it was followed by the bogus #WeCare campaign. How quickly we forget.
  • We provide various Arsenal fans from all over the globe a platform to share their point of view including Baba Grumpy, Rich, Shard Gooner and, most famous of all, Blackburn George aka Arseblagger, who has been the main contributor to our podcast. (BTW: George and the PosArse blog has been our biggest supporter.)

The response from most Arsenal fans has been encouraging. Hundreds read our blog and listen to our podcasts. But the truth is at this point we are just a drop in the ocean compared to the huge collection of blogs and websites spewing negativity around the clock.

Once upon a time Arsene Wenger was the key hate figure. An alarming recent trend, however, building up on a tradition started in the austerity years, is for these publications to focus on destroying players they think are vulnerable to supporter dislike and bias, making their tenure at the club impossible even though these players are much better statistically than more highly priced targets in the transfer market. Mustafi anyone.

In fact many of these so-called Arsenal social media accounts no longer  pretend to be friendly hobbies. Instead they are money-making projects for their sponsors with Patreon accounts and other forms of monetization by which fans must pay them for their “opinion”. What a travesty!

Corruption and prostitution

Without fans standing up against this corruption, this prostitution of what it means to be a supporter of Arsenal Football Club, how can the club improve its present standing in the Premier League. Recently heard was a podcaster, who used to decry Arsenal’s annual qualification in the Champions League, declare it an “existential necessity”. Isn’t that exactly what some of us kept banging on for years. But for these misleaders, bashing champions league qualification was a convenient way to bash Arsene Wenger who had kept us in this competition for 20 of his 22 years. The hypocrisy and opportunism is breathtaking as it is bold and brass-faced.

There are very voices in the Arsenalsphere opposed to this negativity, opposed to lies and misinformation which if allowed to stand will destroy the best traditions and values of Arsenal Football Club. We need your help to truly become an alternative to the lies and misinformation.

PS: Our podcast is now on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/user-233890563


  1. Shotts, why wont NewsNow pick up the blog? Has it changed it policy, as it was a search engine aggregator and picked up anything with the word Arsenal FC in it.
    What sort of stats are you getting?

    • Thanks for being so responsive Millay. I can say with certainty that NewsNow has a policy of nog accepting new supporters blogs for some years. PositvelyArsenal was one of the last to get accepted and it took a major effort on their part. Yours truly is hardly a big time publisher for NewsNow to even care. As for my stats this is proprietary information but hindreds have visited this blog since it was launched. In comparison the biggest blogs reel in thousands to read their daily dose of misinformation. We are years away from being able to truly challenge them but challenge them we must.

  2. Jeez Whiz: So many typos having to peck away on my phone

  3. I suppose Rome wasnt built in a day and other clichés. If I go on other blogs Ive always posted a link to this place. Trouble is Im pretty limited as to going on certain blogs!

    A good way might be to try and get an ex-player to do an interview that might pull in a few readers?

    Re the stats, at least its growing. I might try at some point ot mole my way into ta few places and grab a few readers.

    • Thanks Millsy. That’s the spirit. My commitment is to keep the quality of articles high, very high for that matter. I speak on behalf of all my contributors; Baba, Rich and Shard; I hope they don’t mind. Other writers are welcome by the way.


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