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Only When Arsenal Fans Boycott The Emirates

Empty Emirates Stadium

Raul Sanllehi will take no action to replace Unai Emery until fans begin to boycott the Emirates Stadium and refuse to purchase Arsenal merchandise. That is the considered view of Blackburn George (@arseblagger) and yours truly in this the November 24th edition of the Uncensored Arsenal Podcast. Almost every big twitter account, blogger and YouTuber are now convinced that Emery must go. But even after drawing 2-2 with Southampton, the 19th team in the league, Raul is determined to hang unto Emery. Why?

Similarly he is determined to keep the legendary David O’Leary, who is a real football-man, off the Board. So much so that that Sir Chips Keswick, who is chairman, and Lord Harris, director, are reportedly willing to quit because of feeling they are merely being treated as figureheads. How are the two connected?

We give our explanation to this and many other related issues in the podcast. Feel free to give us your feedback in the Comments section of the blog.

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  1. Morning lads, hope youre both doing well. Great points about Xhaka. Thing is which midfielders would want to come to us? I felt a bit sorry for Den S when he came as he was being used as a political pawn against Özil. It also seemed that it was a lump of flesh given to the dogs to stop em barking? (horrible metaphor). I think Raul should be called the Don. Bon Bon or something else.
    Time for the Kronks to get rid of Raul.They wont so then the board need to go to the Kronks and explain to them whats happening.
    Thing is will Arteta or anyone want to deal with Raul? Who will back the new coach, well three out of five on the board for sure, but the Kronks have the top power and Rauls on the end of their leash.
    Its not depressing to liste to you, because I like to think we are on the same side, so its just like listening to your mates down the pub or where ever. Youre not clueless, more Johnny on the spot.
    Thanks guys.

  2. What role did Josh, Ivan have in ushering this shit show while Wenger was here?

    Wenger needs to come back in some capacity.

    He is the one that i would trust the most to sort out the issues relating to running of this football team.

    If the guy is going to be sorting out World Fooking football, i think he would have a decent shot at sorting this mess out.

    Wenger believed in Arsenal and the principles the club used to expouse.

    Get Wenger in the Boardroom or DOF or Caretaker Manager. The current board are marketing men not footballing men.

    You are right we are in very very deep and to think it only took 18months to start undoing Wengers work from the seams.

    Emery will not change his philosophy, its who he is. Who was surprised at the 8 defensive minded players against bottom of the league team on the weekend? a continuing trend from last year.

  3. Kind of expected him to be sacked today. Whats the point of carrying on, its not going to get better with him in charge, how can it? I dont expect Fwankfurt to lie down and think of Furters thats for sure. A draw or loss it is then.

    Time for the player to unite against Raul? How can they stand him coming in the dressing room and saying this and that? Raul must be naffed that Jose didnt come to us. It would have been mission complete then.

  4. Already there myself

    As a football fan I am not paying money to watch a pair of snivelling toads attempt and fail to bully some of the best footballers on the planet. Ozil, Rambo, Kozza etc.

    Fuck off you pair of cunts! I don’t mean to curse, sorry, but I think that is what Xhaka said. Quite publicly. Between the lines. As George explains so well hehe!
    More then once. sure he was upset with some fans too but they’re not the mugs who chose to drop their best CM when their job depended upon it! Clowns…

    Fuck me it’s been a disaster already and you can already say the damage will take a decade to sort out. Already.

    “a plane crashing into an oil tanker, causing a tsunami, triggering a nuclear explosion level bad”

    The silence from the black scarf PR for hire crew tells me everything I need to know:

    that Raul was paying money to some (not all) of the people saying that he should have statue in the summer.

    What a…

  5. Proof anyway of the wisdom behind George’s blog and Shotta’s.

    The Kronke’s were always a shower of shite and all we were trying to do was to appreciate the Football people over the ****s. And not act like ****s. Honestly the man deserves a sainthood for putting up with Stans dodgy troupe and moustache combo*for so long

    *not a good look. Always a dodgy combo!

  6. Apparently theres a new film coming out called Wreck-it Raulph. Its about the destruction of a football club for the sake of narcissism and the lust for power by those who havent clue. Its a tragedy, farce and comedy all mixed up together. Sure to be a smash.

    • The Damned Arsenal

      It’s the sequel to The Damned Utd, a great novel for all football lovers (not Raul).

      Clough & Wenger.
      Foreign peas from the same (Footballing) pod hehe!

      These ****s at the Arsenal are currently making the former chairman of Derby Co. look like Jimmy Hill, the ****s that they are.

  7. A shame I didn’t comment on Nuno at Wolves prior to the latest rumours.

    No doubt that the Mendez man is high on Raul’s list.

    No doubt at all!

    • Then Raul can splash all the dosh on Mendes and his clients. Regretfully, Fins, and I take no pleasure in saying this, everything you predicted about Don Raul since last year has come to past.

  8. Shotta, really enjoyed the podcast, left you a rating even! As for the football, shoot me already, I can’t take this shit anymore. Emery has succeeded in making 2+2=-4. I was on Fins page pretty early regarding this shitshow, we had a great transfer summer ! Yeah right, not one need addressed. And now Nunes, kick me in the balls why don’t you.

  9. Shotts
    I think the account of the civil war from Fizman’s deathbed haggle onewarda at the club ending with Raul’s appointment in February 2018 and the beginning of the infection turning The Arsenal Football Club into another zombie host for the Mafia is a tale worth retelling ATM.

    And you’re the man to do it!

    As for the Arsenal. As long as the Kronke’s retain Raul the club is toast.


    Sir Chips agrees with me.
    And I hope you all know your chips!

    • That is a big ask Fins. Lots of research. The problem is the payoff is negligible. Most in the fanbase don’t care about facts. This is a fanbase that turned on their greatest ever manager because of 2 bad years when it was obvious he was trying to rebuild the team after the loss of the great Santi Cazorla and the BFG. Not to mention the failed Alexis Sanchez project. After a prolonged 10-year campaign; they believed the bullshit from mainstream media and the big blaggers as well as the hysterically stupid AFTV crowd that any manager could do better than Wenger. Now it is evident in the hands of the new regime it is easier to destroy the club, to put on the path of mediocrity with the potential of more decline.

      Don’t you think its better focus our efforts on exposing and getting rid of the agent-friendly Don Raul; assuming Unai Emery’s days are numbered?

      • Yes I agree though I guess I didn’t explain above that I see Raul himself as a key pawn hired by the Kronke’s as hey looked to ape their mates the Glazers and their Frontman Ed Woodward.

        Glazers & Woodward.
        Trump & Boris.
        Josh & Raul.

        A bunch of chancers and literal cowboys and klansman who are fond of fake tans (and toupee’s!!!!!) who couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery.

        We’re f*cked.


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