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Pretending To Be Happy After Arsenal Struggle To Defeat West Ham

Podcast: Blackburn George, the Arseblagger and yours truly, Shotta fail in our attempt at being sincerely happy after Arsenal struggle to defeat a very poor West Ham in our recent EPL game. Arsenal demonstrated a striking lack of creativity; while having far superior possession were out-shot 14:7 by a technically inferior team.

While happy for the 3 points and the performance of Saka and Xhaka in particular, we are alarmed at the lack of creativity on the pitch. Yet the club gives absolutely no explanation for the non-selection of Ozil unlike the complete satisfaction Arteta had in his performance prior to the COVID-19 suspension last season. Furthermore we are disgusted at the continuing spin and machination by the club as it disregards the interests of current and former players showing ultimately they have no care for us as fans.

No apology; we currently find very few things at the club to be happy about.

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  1. Agree with everything. The board don’t care about treating the people of the club right and the fans don’t seem to care either. Hurts to see that the club we support is moving away from what made us support the club in the first place.

  2. Bwoi, Mi bredrin! The vibes no right at all. It seems like the team is all wing play, just bypass the mid and get it up front by any means. Surely that will get found out easily. How can this team not need an Ozil when the mid is so void of skill?
    Is Ceballos really this slow. The man looks like he is playing in slow motion.

    I am wondering about Martinez leaving. I honestly thought he was superior to Leno. The young man never looks like he is flustered.

    Again, the vibes is not right. The club has gotten political and had lost that family vibe it had.

    That is why Arsene said to keep the principles that made the club special upon leaving. There has always been a sense that there is an Arsenal way. Not so much nowadays.

  3. As I see it this all means that Arteta is most likely the lull amidst the storm.
    But I hope I am wrong. he’s appointed a first mate amongst the “names”, Mertesaker is more then just a youth coach now? another example of what George prophesied hehe as Arteta’s power grab along with the change in title. Even if it’s just to tower over Kia in those fun meetings I can’t deny I am intrigued.

    In my projections here & on PA on the Ozil Story I didn’t speculate on how he would return, I never really expected the super agents to be swapped so quickly but here we are and with Kia smoothly replacing Raul I suspect Arteta is making the best of a shite hand here. It was shite at the start and it’s still shite. He saw what they did to his old gaffer. They are: shite artists.

    I hope after reintroducing Ozil in some Europa and cup games he’ll see it how it goes, when he is able to flip one to Kia, for the remainder of the season. As I previously said and now speculate given how Arteta kept Xhaka and Bellerin and others who wanted to leave last season that is how it all might have already been discussed over a cup of Turkish mint tea (via Zoom), with Ozil’s aforementioned part time agent. It must be easy to be a part time agent when you are so far ahead of the game of these super agents?

    I don’t expect Ozil to play much of the PL, not until the final third same as with Emery (but not with arteta last spring!) in his battles with this board.
    In this situation I speculate that Arteta not being a maniac would prefer him in rather then out the squad. When he can. Especially given Ozil’s comments on staying were not aimed at Raul as surely he knew by then that Raul was getting his arse kicked.

    Mikel’s a good ‘un and he’s not an idiot. We know this much. They’re a canny pair, the part time agent and the rookie manager. There was no serious trouble in the plan to see out the contract till the break in the season provided the predictables with their predictable opportunity.

    Yet Ozil’s fitness is and will be the same as Silvia’s had been over recent seasons, no one trolls on about that. Yet Silva (or Fabregas) never started for Spain ahead of Santi as far as I know. This season’s Ozil doesn’t need or want to play the whole of this congested PL season. So let’s see what they’re up to. Because the one thing Edu and Kia’s comments kindly confirmed for us between the lines is: Ozil’s flipped them the bird and isn’t going anywhere! Heh. Did they not like that? Not by the bleating sounds of it! Don’t you just love it: Super agents unable to act as bullies. Has Ozil played a master class of the modern game here? Because flipping the bird to such powerful figures in the game is not a small event. I wonder why those friendly with some agents play this story down?

    Fascinating stuff, at least it is to me.
    If you were to force me at gun point to play poker against one of these two agents acting at the Gunners, well, then I’d choose Kia over the Good Doctor. Every. Single. Time.

    Hope there was a buy back clause on Martinez.
    Failing that a hefty sell on clause for when Chelsea/Utd etc. come calling.

  4. Rosicky@ArsenalSeptember 22, 2020 at 6:20 pm

    You have expressed exactly what I am thinking.Though we got better since Emery left and won the FA cup as well.But still there are big question marks on the club actions on and off the pitch. Sale of Martiez, Ozil saga the style of play on the pitch all are questionable. As I said a number of times the club has regressed since Arsene Wenger left.

  5. i am delighted to see others who are far from convinced at what we have seen so far,

    Winning the cup was a bonus, but how far does that take us forward when you can play as badly as we did v WH, although I did not see the game, and am relying on what others have said?

    if creativity is going to continue to be absent then what for the future?

    I now need to ask what i asked so often about Guendouzi, what is it that Cellabos actually does?

    Yes, I know he set up the winning goal on Saturday, but a game lasts 90 minutes.

    I have only seen a few games with him, but do not recall seeing too much to excite me. He is certainly no playmaker, whatever that is.

    Are we going to see what happened to Emery happen to Arteta, a string of fortunate wins and then a downward spiral?

    • JJG: Interesting question as to whether Arteta will follow the Emery pattern. Frankly it is too early to say and Arteta has proven that he has made Arsenal Harder to beat but offensively am not convinced he is an attacking coach. Time will tell.

  6. I have given up seeing Ozil play again.

    Instead our club will spend a fortune to bring in an untried player from Europe, and a better one will do nothing and collect his salary.

    By untried, I mean untried in the hurly burly of the Premier League.

    This is madness.

    The llunatics are running the asylum.

    I am losing interest.


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