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Sacking of 55 Employees Is Another Ominous Sign Of The Future

Arsenal executives announce the sacking of 55 employees within 3 days of winning the FA Cup. In the opinion of yours truly and George this is another ominous sign of the future of the football club.

In our opinion most fans have been swept up in the optimism of new signings that coincided with the redundancies, ignoring the the betrayal of the traditional values of the club. This is exactly as the owners and the executives planned, just as they did in the 2019 summer transfer window. But the consequences are far more ominous as explained in the podcast.

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  1. Sabotage of sorts is what it is. The breaking of a football club into just another vehicle for these predictable vultures.

    It’s what we said that we feared during the long “debate” on the values of the former manager, the values of the club, and the enabling of the current situation where we have two ‘????’ running the club but no CEO or chairman. The former manager who hasn’t been invited back to the club by this mob not even to visit but who is still advising the current coach. Heh.

    If they could dupe the idiot brigade into turning their ire upon the greatest coach they’ve seen then I simply hope we get arteta for a few seasons before Barca etc. come calling. That’s the best we can hope for.

    Karma is a ?

    • The signs of deceit and betrayal are mounting as time goes by. Think for a moment. Is this the same club we supported a mere two years ago?

      • Why did or hasn’t the club never hired a PR consultant to specifically counter the media campaign against the club cooked up by some other PR consultant? (ignoring the pgmob bias etc.)

        Because they endorsed it!


        With the Fizman deal which none of the PR consultants could ever discuss* done, closed, or in the bin. The day Kia and pals were praying for.
        It’s squids in. Bob’s yer uncle!!

        GG must be jealous!!!

        It’s over. This is no longer the club the Kronke’s bought they have remade it in their own image, enabled by the blaggers and other copious Fools, and well: fake hair with a moustache was never a good look, i dare anyone to claim otherwise! Yet they supported the process. Karma can be unforgiving in such cases. Fingers crossed arteta’s love for the club can help him survive yet clearly the moves at the club are designed to remove his supporters at the club. I wonder how long Mertesacker can survive the culling?

        *save us, and if you’re wondering why no one else ever discussed the deal which gave them the club and protected AW for a time…it’s not a great mystery…! Sherlock Holmes is not required!! PR eh? Hehe

  2. How long do you expect Arteta to stay whilst the various levels of beaurocrats fiddle around and destroy our club?

    We are witnessing the implosion of the club on its way to Leeds like oblivion.

    Yes, i am a big pessimist, but where is there anything that indicates that I am incorrect.

    The cup final victory is another mirage to fool us into thinking there is light at the end if the tunnel.

    I fear that we do not know where the tunnel is yet.


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