Wenger’s legacy is fundamental. Free flowing, attacking football by a club with integrity and class.

Shock As Arsenal Outplayed By Newcastle

No-Spin. No-Bullshit. This has been the theme of our podcast ever since we we went audio-visual over two years ago. As recent as July 2021 we transitioned to YouTube with virtually zero subscribers. Due to the persistence of a small but growing group of supporters, especially my friend Blackburn George, I am pleased to announce we finally made 100 subscribers. its a modest total but a significant landmark. Furthermore our viewership is growing steadily.

But we are a minor player in a world dominated by mammoth bull-shitters. Unsurprisingly most of them consistently criticized and undermined  everything that made Arsenal a top-tier club for 22 years under Wenger. These BSers are just as ignorant today. Note that most are genuinely surprised and unaware of our club’s slide from greatness as epitomized by the shocking manner Arsenal were outplayed by Newcastle on Monday evening.

Take a gander on what George and I had to say about that travesty. If you enjoy our content then do your part to help us grow our audience. Our goal is to one day give the Bull-Shitters some real competition.

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