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The Arseblagger Finally Admits To Making A Mistake….About Arteta

Podcast: In this post-match review of Manchester City vs Arsenal the Arseblagger admits to making a mistake about Arteta. While he is a great coach with a history of greatly improving the players he works with, it is becoming clear he is not as great a manager. We have no expectation of more creative football in the future as Arteta emphasizes regimentation and structure.

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  1. Here I am, still missing out on purpose each and every Arsenal games since March. At first, I wanted to wait till the transfer window ended. Now I am finding myself making more “excuses” to wait longer and longer, as if I bloody love waiting!

    It’s just sad; I don’t know how I feel about MA any more.
    He and Mertesacker were once very manager-material in my opinion when I heard some bits and bobs from their speeches that reminded me of Arsène. But then the Özil stuff with DFB made me went neutral about PM. I expected too much from PM, perhaps.

    Of course I’m AW-biased but somehow I have always been allergic to words such as “I want my players to be upset and angry when they lose a game” (MA said it, too bad) because they are damn tiring and hollow; that’s how I felt when Cech implied that Chelsea players were better at “being upset” than Arsenal players and then went on “accusing” AW of sacrificing the team’s chance of winning for his philosophy in some games.

    “The public” love the loud, noisy, moody type (!passionate!, mind you) while silent leader never cease to amaze me; they are freakingly strong and principled all the way. That’s why i miss boring AW, Koscielny, Monreal, Ramsey,… like hell. There are still a few players I really care about in this squad; the guilty feeling wouldn’t escape me if I am to stop caring. At this rate, however, Arsenal’s gonna become a complete stranger to me soon. We don’t know for sure where Arsenal is going “footballistically” but understand exactly where it wants to go “clubbistically”.

  2. .The 2 statements tonight could not have been more diametrically opposite.

    Ozil’s is made with dignity, excellent English and without pointing any fingers.

    Arteta’s is clearly nonsense, with his usual mix of almost intelligible English, and even blames himself.

    The first was clearly thought out and the second not thought out at all.

    I suspect Arteta was sent out to fall on his own sward, which I think he did with aplomb.

    He has now stated that he, as a coach, is incapable of getting one of the world’s best footballers to play sufficiently well enough to be within the first 25 choices, which include a number of players who are still injured and are unlikely to play until the New Year anyway.

    He is now saying that he is not good enough as a coach.

    Our great club is being dragged further into the mire and the irony is that it is all self-inflicted.

  3. I don’t recognize this Arsenal. I am not going to just be a supporter and not call out the folly. I used to be glued to the TV watching Arsenal and now I drift out for long periods. I have to will myself to be engaged.

    Ozil not playing? NO place for Ozil, in a team that can hardly muster a decent shot on goal? What is most sickening though is how many in the fanbase have turned on Ozil. The man came when our top players were leaving. A truly all world player, one that was roundly recognized as such chose Arsenal. How can the man not be worthy of loyalty from the support?

    • I used to think Arsenal fans were different. Back in the day it was Arsenal fans who were the 1st to be bloggers and tweeters. Everybody flocked to their accounts, like you and me.

      But soon I discovered most were just arrogant, entitled glory hunters. Once Wenger was unable to provide titles, mainly because of the financial restrictions, they became bitter and ungrateful. The top-4 trophy was not enough. Champions League was not enough. Like a 5 yr-old, they threw a tantrum because they didn’t get the best toy in the neighborhood. Reminds me of the Bible story of those who turned on Jesus because he couldn’t turn water into wine.

      No wonder they can’t see how Arteta and the Kroenkes are destroying the club, tearing out the creative Heart that made us different and a joy to watch. No wonder the big Arsenal social media accounts sit on the sidelines, quiet, as Ozil is being discredited and maligned while the club plays the most boring football imaginable.

      They can fool some people sometime but they can’t fool all the people all the time.


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