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The Case To Give Emery A Chance

Rich aka StillARich (@whatsinaname81) is willing give Emery 2-3 months. Final article in the series.

Not seen anything to make me think he’s definitely the right guy/a great manager.

Not convinced he’s as bad as some believe he is.

Could be I am still suspending some judgement simply because I did not believe there was any prospect of him not continuing into second year, so figured may as well delay a little while making a full judgement.

Basically feel like the real reckoning is this year- same or worse than last expect he will leave- so waiting to see how it unfolds, and with, I expect, a bit (maybe a lot) less patience than last season.

Disheartening, Dispiriting, Worrisome

Felt we were…about par, results wise, going into final weeks of season…and was massively disappointed with what we produced. Squad, Emery, both, whatever…not to be able to perform better when chips were down was disheartening, dispiriting, worrisome, and generally…damn painful.

Main concern was that we were not able to shore up defence. I was prepared to lose some style points, at least initially, and even lose some threat at times in attack, if it meant a significant improvement in defence. There was no improvement.

Grew tired before season’s end of reliance on wing backs for width. Opposing teams had it sussed, and we didn’t seem able to adapt.

Our home and away issues of previous couple of seasons remained and hit us hard.

I am pretty reliant for optimism going into new season on at least a couple of good signings in problem areas.

I want to see what he and team have in response to dismal end to last season. No idea what will happen but I have not managed to shift negativity as yet of how that made me feel.

5th or 6th place next year

If I have to guess it would be 5th or 6th place this year, with serious threat of missing out if we aren’t improved, from Everton, Leicester and maybe even Wolves and West Ham. But can’t categorically say we won’t have good year and get top 4.

We’d need to improve for that. Signings seem crucial, perhaps Bellerin and Holding can help a lot, just maybe one or two of homegrown can come in and have impact. Maybe a wide man or two can transform our wing play. Ceballos would excite me immensely, and all our fans crying out for extra skill in team should be delighted if he joins for a year.

Pain is the best teacher

They say pain is the best teacher so I expect to find out quickly what the end of the season did to Emery and where he goes from here. Back to playing from back? Change of approach in wide areas- specifically winger types doing more as opposed to full/wing backs? How much was conservatism a response to being a bit shocked by prem, feeling pressure, and then having that very clear end goal/game in mind…or just who he is?

I think I’ll have an answer within 2-3 months whether it can work for him here. Am leaning quite heavily to no but still hoping that opinion can be changed, as I want success as soon as possible, and would obviously prefer next season to be a good one.


  1. The best case for him to stay is that he’s already here.

    We’ve ended up wasting a season and strengthening Spurs by missing out on an easily obtainable Top 4 spot. We played some horribly boring football. We lost a great asset in Ramsey. Now Koscielny is unhappy. I’m not sure why anyone should be positive.

    And yet, I think I agree with you. I’m really not sure where we’ll finish. Top 4 should be our goal with our squad. Even with its shortcomings. But, I could also see us finishing 8th or something.

    We’re lucky though that Chelsea have a transfer ban, lost Hazard and have Lampard as coach. While ManU seem to keep floating about with no idea of what they want to do (something like us but worse) That should help.

    Mostly, it will come down to Emery’s ability to get along with players, motivate them properly, and then to make allowances for their specific skillsets within his system. Plus giving young players a chance now that they are officially promoted to the first team.

    If we can play good football with a clear identity, that’s more than half the battle won there. Results can fluctuate, but I will be satisfied if there is a plan I can get behind.

  2. Hmm. Going by the lack of comments so far seems the idea of Emery getting more time does not trigger as strong feelings as him going. But as Shard observed him staying is the reality. But is it justifiable? Has Rich covered all the angles? Be UnCensored.

  3. The French have spoken.

    Penny for the thoughts of Per Mertesacker.

  4. finsburypJuly 20, 2019 at 8:20 pm

    Giroud & Flamini and the old manager too I think have all commented publicly on the Kozza story.

    • finsburypJuly 21, 2019 at 9:04 am

      Not a serious comment.

      Seriously: i wouldn’t want to declare that Emery is not the right coach for AFC. I’d like to say i’d be happy to pay to watch his team’s play some football. But the evidence so far…

      …the late triple sub at Home against Brighton not including Nketiah or any other goal scorer was possibly the worst call I’ve ever seen from any coach whilst watching a football match: Needs a goal to save the season. Makes a late triple sub. With no strikers.

      For me that’s up there with the decision from the Italian manager to nominate Zaza as a penalty taker.

      If Emery is bigging up Nketiah after the goals against Fiorentina then why couldn’t he put him in the pitch to save his season just a few months ago? Ahead of teenage non goalscoring midfielder!!!! His comments after this recent game follow the pattern as described by Shard. Insincere?

      • Can the leopard change its spots? Emery’s caution is fairly well established.

        Last night vs Fiorentina was excellent in demonstrating of the quality of Nketiah, Willock, Burton and Olayinka. The latter two are coming to the attention of Arsenal fans for the first time. But do we seriously expect Emery to integrate them in the first team next season?

        Going by the experience of Nketiah and Willock they will be named in the 1st team squad, make a few appearances against a bunch of farmers in the Europa League or selected in some inconsequential domestic cup fixture but they will rarely get minutes in the PL where it really matters.


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