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The Cup Was Yesterday, The Future Is Arteta

Due to delays caused by the Eid Mubarak celebrations, it was too late to publish the full match report from Omi Javed but below are his thoughts on the significance of winning the FA cup. 

14th time FA Cup champions. 4th win in last 7 years. First for rookie manager Mikel Arteta and a season saving silverware to book yet another year into the Europa League.

In Arsenal’s worst ever Premier League season, we were still able somehow to win a major trophy. It was not only a saving grace but a miraculous achievement by Arteta.

Arsenal had never seen such a crisis in the modern era. But within 8 months of Arteta taking charge he was able to bring silverware to the club. This is not only a great kick start to his managerial career but also to Arsenal’s future.

This summer is now very important. If we had lost to Chelsea we might have seen Aubameyang’s last game in Arsenal colors. Keeping him at the club is going to be decisive for the future.

We were told that our summer spending also will be very dependent on whether we make it to Europe or not. Well now we have and it’s up to board to tell us how serious they are in backing Arteta.

The second season is always tough and for Mikel Arteta it could be the make or break of his career. But for now, he could not have had wished for a better start. Mikel Arteta was already an Arsenal icon and now he taken one step towards becoming the legend.

P.S. This report took time as I was too busy in celebrating the win and then the Eid!

Written by Omair Javed aka @omijaved


  1. 55 staff to be sacked including the chief of scouting! Kia, Edu and Raul are doing their best to steal away our future.

  2. Rosicky@ArsenalAugust 5, 2020 at 6:06 pm

    It’s a real shame that Arsenal are sacking 55 staff members. I wonder it would have been the same case had Wenger been at club. I seriously doubt it.
    Shotts what is the scenario at other clubs. Are they downsizing as well?
    Pls update.


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