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The Uncensored Arsenal Podcast: Featuring Blackburn George, the Arseblagger

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Disappointing 2018-19 Season

“Well, it was a very disappointing end to a very disappointing season. There’s a lot of enthusiasm when we went on a 22-game unbeaten run. At the time I predicted and I said and you agreed with me, but it wasn’t a true reflection of how we were playing. In other words, it was a lucky run. I mean we could have lost five six seven of those games and should have lost five six seven of those games. But we didn’t and people were fooled by it. But the underlying metrics told us what would eventually happen because everything has to return to the mean. You know this. We couldn’t expect Aubamayeng to score every time he shot at goal which he did. It was something like eight shots, eight goals.”

Standard of play was poor

“The general standard of play was poor. I can’t say any better than that. I didn’t see anything that enthused me.”

Kroenke hasn’t changed

“He is not doing anything more or anything less than is said on the “tin”. Its self-sufficiency and he’s not going to subsidize us. Now all of a sudden there is going to be a big huge swathe of protest against Kroenke for doing exactly the same thing that he’s always done and always said he was going to do. He has not changed his position. He is not all of a sudden saying I’m going to take money out.”

Clowns in management

“The two absolute clowns who have been brought in to run the club, by default, basically. One of them is now the CEO. He wasn’t brought in to be CEO but made CEO when Ivan left. And the other one is a glorified bean counter.”

Spin by the PR department

“They even try to make us believe that Aaron Ramsey wanted to leave. That the club had done most it could and it was Ramsey who messed us about.  But it was PR spin. It turned out to be a lot of bollocks.”

Emery is awful

“From what I’ve seen of him, it’s awful. He hasn’t got a system. He hasn’t got a philosophy. We haven’t got a brand. If I was the owner of Arsenal Football Club I would be absolutely ripping my hair out.”

Style of play

“Emery is a chameleon, the very concept makes my teeth grind. You don’t have a fixed style of play. I can’t think, I have wracked my brains, I can’t think of one good team in the history of football that you couldn’t identify the style of play.”

Check out the podcast for the uncensored opinions of Blackburn George.


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  7. So we’re in business! Cheers to President Shotta, and Big George for calling it like it is, even though Im sure neither of them wanted or even dreamed they would talk about such things in this podcast. Poor old Arsenal. George convinced me that Mikel would be the revolution we need, but Im not sure how well he will fare with our middle management, is Edu the messiah? Not sure on that one or how the red tape works at AFC.
    Considering AW was supposed to be a ditherer and senile and the game had gone beyond him, we see now it was the opposite.
    Cheers again and all the best to Uncensored Arsenal.


  8. Big, big tune. The message in the music is timeless. Arsenal is reaping the bitter fruit from some big trees.

  9. Too true Shotts. Thanks for putting the track up.

  10. Well, that podcast was a journey for me fellas.

    Not sure i’ve ever listened to one all way through as not normally my format. Felt duty bound this time though.

    First up was the great shock and weirdness of hearing you guys’ voices after all this time only knowing you by written words.

    Now the bit where i hope I don’t offend anyone. I initially stopped after about 15 mins. Both of you feel more strongly or certainly that we really are in the deep doo, literally struggling for a single positive. I found that a bit hard going. There’s at least a little more hope or uncertainty for me.

    But anyway, I returned to the podcast and found that by the end I had enjoyed the conversation. I’m no full podcast convert, but could see some of the benefits of the format. To be honest, it’s a more human way of conducting conversation than written internet talk (WIT)

    Not saying I’ll make a habit out of it, but it felt pretty good to just settle in and hear you two express your views in that format. You both built up plenty of credit in bank with me, and that no doubt made it easier to persist, but I actually enjoyed overcoming the initial resistance to views which differ from my own.

    As to how much they differ, I really don’t know. It may not be that much. It could even be that the main one is that I am still battling to be positive somehow, without necessarily being able to point to anything I feel particularly optimistic about. I don’t know.

    I’ll be tuning in for part two anyway!

  11. I think its ok to hold dualistic points(this and that) in our minds Rich. At first it seems odd, like we are hypocritical (something we all are eventually), but really we know that things arent running smoothly and there’s a strange atmosphere at the club, but that we still want the best for it; we still want great football and for things to work out. Personally I think the world holds on to too much black and white thinking. Im pretty critical of aftv, but that doesn’t mean that sometimes I found myself agreeing with them. Flux is a bugger, especially if we run with the zeitgeist, as it flip flops all the time.
    Seems hypocritical, but only by strict dualistic thinking, which seems to get us all into real trouble on the planet, because we want a clear answer but lifes to complex to get those clear cut answers. I dont think they exist. What about doing a podcast with Shotta? Could be interesting?


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