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Was The Community Shield A Shop Window For Arsenal?

New podcast: Reading the tea leaves and connecting the dots, me and the Arseblagger explore whether the Community Shield was a shop window for the Arsenal. Who is on the chopping block? Maitland Niles, Martinez, Bellerin, even Aubameyand? Does Mesut Ozil have a future at the football club?

We refuse to fall for the narrative being spun by the club and its usual mouthpieces in both mainstream and social-media. (They shall remain nameless.) We believe salable assets will be sold regardless of what Arteta and Edu say or do.

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  2. As Shotts and George said on the podcast:

    The same old PR Merchants who supported the owner’s previous actions over the last decade by attacking the greatest coach any arsenal fan will ever see, then attaching the players who’d brought glory to the club whilst proclaiming “Ozil and Ramsey can’t play together” (literally, after we’d all seen them win three cups in four seasons), “I really like Raul” & other such gems.

    Almost as if these PR vehicles are simply mere orifices for Football agencies as opposed to somewhere to listen or read some chat about the Football (“Ozil and Ramsey can’t play together” is a fitting epitaph for their Football content).

    Easy money eh lads?

    I hope Arteta and Edu’s masterplan to cope with the Kronke’s is not to turn the Arsenal into Kia’s latest version of Shaktar Donetsk, for the premier league, an abattoir for fattening up his cattle before taking them to market. Although of course we’ve been long expected such an effort given the decade long attack on the club for having previously followed a different model.

  3. < they’re all trying to justify the sale of the academy graduate who made it in the first team.

    To follow up on the “Ozil and Ramsey can’t play together” bollocks.

    However there is no justification or sane reason that can be articulated for going back on a model the club spent twenty years developing. Unless you are a psychopath.

    Wow. What a shower these blaggers truly are, parasites upon the club.

    • Unfortunately Fins, the fox is already in the hen-house and slaughtering the chickens. The super agents, who Wenger for 20 years did everything to keep out, are inside the tent. No wonder the club fired all the leading scouts as part of the 55 sacked last July. Who needs an independent point of view when Kia Joorabbchian is your Chief of Recruitment. You are right; we are now the new Shaktar Donetsk, where Willian and Fernandinho and others were fattened up before being sold off. Btw Shaktar is owned by a Ukrainian oligarch. As George and I explained in the podcast, the club now has a pattern for setting up some fall guy for the failures in their new policy, whether it be Gazidis, Raul, Emery, etc but it starts at the ownership. The Kroenkes have allowed it to happen.

      • Fizman’s mistake was to NOT lock them into board appointments…but then again it is now their club.

        They own it.

        Yet get a very easy ride from all the brave blaggers. Who blame coaches and players for the owners’ acts.

        What value would you all put on some positive PR eh? Hehe.


  4. The Kronke’s wanted and intended for it to happen.
    Fizman’s Mistake was to lock them into appointing certain people’s to the board.

    Ken Friar steps down. The last of the Old Guard.

    To be replaced by?

    I think there is a club called Arsenal Kiev.
    These wankers who can’t and haven’t ever built anything of note in their careers might well leave The Arsenal in the same state that the Donetsk stadium is currently in: a bombed out shell of its former self.

    There is a further tangential link there withThe Arsenal:

    Football Club Arsenal Kyiv
    The Gunners, Zbroyari

    Will the original Arsenal end up in the same state as these Ukrainian clubs? After Arteta, maybe. I hope not.

    The two Kronke’s and Kia.
    Our very own KKK

    Do those who wrap themselves in the memory of Rocastle and Davis have no shame, considering they’ve been attacking coaches and players who represent and tried to protect and preserve that legacy?
    Given that they couldn’t critique the coach who sold these players above off for his own gain, given that still this week after everything we have seen from them slyly supporting these owners and still leading on their gullible readers and listeners: evidentially not.

    • Unfortunately the vast majority of fans are in denial. This is no longer the Arsenal of 3 much less 10 years ago. As for the blaggers and most of the YouTubers, clinging to the club like parasites, the old adage has come true; “be careful what you wish for.”

  5. I am not ashamed to have essentially written above that I am close to a scarfist heh.

    But I won’t be waving any black scarves about the place. Can’t see the sanity in blaming coaches or managers for the owners’ approach.

    Given everything we know about him I can’t imagine Arteta wants to lose the one player in the squad he can hold up as a role model before the now important younger group. It’ll be a serious blow to the squad if Bellerin goes now.

    I’m not worried about the team’s ability to play a more attacking game at least not with the current no.10 still on the books.

    Arteta has shown great variation so far adapting to personal and circumstances. He’s also on record at having been most proud of the style of the football from his season winning a title with City in light of the plundits’ criticisms of Guardiola’s ambition from the year before. I’m paraphrasing but that’s what he said.

    Couldn’t have hoped for a better appointment. Somehow after everything that’s gone on the club have ended up with Arsene’s own anointed heir as the coach. And everyone can clearly see why so many in football think so highly of him.

    Very happy to have Arteta as the coach. Couldn’t have hoped for more since he’s arrived. Perhaps he’ll mark the end of the window with a return for you know who, like a new signing! Heh. The now prominent Luiz will want him back in, others too. Crazy times who knows what will happen?

    One thing’s for sure the hectic fixture schedule will be brutal on the injuries front. I’m not worried about Saka missing out on minutes to the former Donetsk player, neither am I worried about there being too many centre backs!

    I suspect that Arteta knows (IBSF) the currently unique intensity of the season ahead and is trying his best to prep for it. I believe there may be subtle factions within the squad same as any other but I can’t see him happy to see Hector go? Not with above considerations and Cedric’s own injury record ahaha yikes!

    Fascinating month ahead. On and off the pitch.


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