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Who Cares For Arsenal? Une Petit Petition?

Arsenal fans ( perhaps like most other clubs?) have a bit of a history of scapegoating players, managers, and now a section of the fans have moved onto its owner. This is primarily spurred on by the fear of not potentially achieving. I am a culprit here as am not that convinced by Mr. Emery. But I do want him to succeed and hope it works out well.

Many Arsenal fans feel quite threatened by our seemingly lack of activity in the transfer market while they watched green-eyed at other teams pulling off big money deals as it were monopoly money. Not only are they well aware that Arsenal cannot compete with last year’s top two (based on projecting the form of last year onto this year) but top four maybe a struggle. We now see clubs directly under Arsenal sweeping by from the supermarket and the fear of dropping down into the top ten becomes a greater paranoia.

So as a response to all this is a petition has been formed and is promptly been signed by many. How many of these are actually Arsenal fans no-one will ever know. How many bots are now signing on the site will shall also not ever known, unless the analytics become public.

The petition is pretty simplistic in its manifesto, but mostly expresses the wish that Stan spends his own money to buy players as a solution to Arsenal’s current problem playing in the Europa League and not making the PL top four.  All seems simplistic enough doesn’t it?

Who are the proponents

Then take a look at the proponents who are pushing it, and promoting its “cause”. Mostly the same people who blamed Wenger (ironically the man who probably brought them to the club in the first place) for ruining their day. Now Stan is on the list;

“Oi Stan, spend yer cash on us. I’ll be yer best mate”.

No you won’t. These people only sing when they are winning.

But these are the same people who have chanted and attacked Chelsea and Man City for buying everything and now want Arsenal to buy everything too. This is no longer about sport, or at least it is but only at a low level; this is about identity, this is about wanting to be superior, yet by their fears and criticism of a Euro Super league they flounder on hypocrisy. They find the EL tedious ( looking down on other “inferior” clubs from cities they had not heard of until that moment ) but long for the CL. But everyone knows it’s the elitist league in the world.

Now flux will always enable us to look hypocritical at some point but why write a petition when you don’t know what you want? But we do they say. “we want to win everything and people like you are in our way!”

Money is not everything

But there’s a factor they are missing, Wenger failed many times with this, but mostly he succeeded; it’s not just about buying players, it’s about which players fit in together personality-wise and sometimes this goes beyond analytics. This can only come from actually knowing the game and how players operate. It seems abstract until we look and see the concrete and repeated examples.

How many years have we seen a club spend a load of cash but not get much out of it? Ok Wolves beat us and so did Leicester and Watford. Some will say they are teams that spent some ‘effin’ money. But what for? It didn’t get them anywhere beyond mid-table. They might go higher next season but it is equally likely they might go down. They are called yo-yo clubs for a reason.

Then take the example of ManUre. Look at their spending on players and managers and see the 1+1=2 formula doesn’t work. It needs the eye of a Pep, Klopp, Weng and Ferg. It takes a lot of effort to psychologically bring a team to full power like Klopp or Pep’s teams. Liverpool will boast they got it done spending less money than City or United, for that matter.

The money thing is tricky. I understand that players are attracted to high wages. But it’s also about players wanting to come to the club. The negativity from the fans as seen from outside the UK may well be a problem. In Britain it feels as if the outside world is far away, while outside Britain everything is easy to observe and seems close especially in football. Don’t you think players gossip. Even Vardy said some disparaging things about Arsenal and why he wouldn’t come. Do you think “foreign players” aren’t watching and talking? One thing is for sure; to them they aren’t “foreign”, instead Britain is foreign.

The Spuds didn’t spend anything last year but still handled their way to the CL final, much to our displeasure, so what does that indicate?

What if Stan bung Emery a load of wad

What good will come out of the petition even if Stan bungs Emery a load of wad to splash about. Will Emery (and our middle management) know who to buy? What he did to the team last year wasn’t too hot, at least in the sense of playing creative football. But the people involved with the petition are the ones who crooned at Fulham “we’ve got our Arsenal back” only to then see they hadn’t and what it was more like a hybrid Wenger team playing George Graham football for the rest of the season why we clung onto the 22 game unbeaten run. And it didn’t really work. These are the people that want Auba sold to make funds for Zaha. Plus they are convinced by the idea of Arsenal DNA.

Yet Wenger wasn’t Arsenal DNA, nor was Henry, or many of the other fabulous ball players we’ve had in. What does Arsenal DNA actually mean? Gus Cesar? John Hawley? Jon Kosmina? Viera, Adams and Henry have all so far not proved to be successful.

If Henry was bought in now, in the state he was before he came into Arsenal, I suggest he would not have developed into the player he became. Why? Because the atmosphere is wrong there’s no space to grow. There hasn’t been for years, certainly not in the way Wenger wanted.

I’m all for a boot room, but last season the people involved have destroyed that potential. Rather than continuity, we instead got broken down; the team not functioning on a high level, the fans way too critical even when the stats prove them wrong, and too many people who were doing a good job cleaned out by the new management. ManUre had the same problem and still stalling, also with angry fans and with a much quieter stadium.

Marginalized or angry

The petition also states that they feel marginalized; this is when we know we are in the area of Julius Streicher.  Total bullshit. In no other time in the history of football can fans be so vocal, affluent enough to make banners and commission planes to fly over, ordering the most successful Arsenal manager ever to go.

It all seems to smell of populist sentiment, but always underlying that is a highly manipulating false sense of victimhood. They are not marginalized, they are angry that they are not in control. So by that it will always be someone else’s fault. This will go on and on even if a EPL or CL win happens. They are feeling less powerful, less meaningful in the hierarchy of club football on a European field.

To sign the petition would mean siding with a lot of blogs whose Politik and psychological stance I don’t agree with. They went from being the 12th man/person to be 5th columnists imo. Mob rule, bullying(?) and endless parasitical narcissists(?) pushing the club this way and that isn’t my idea of how a club should be supported.

Time for deeper thinking

This moment in time needs deeper, canny thinking, the likes of which Arsène had? Everyone’s frustrated and wants to get back to how it was, but that can’t be can it? If it’s going to change its coming from left field, unseen. Or it needs someone who can inspire on the field. That’s our main hope. But it needs to breathe and grow. That’s not going to happen with negative football. Race horses die pulling carts and cart horses die in the steeplechase.

In my opinion some sort of revolution at AFC run by AFTV or Le Grove, is going to mean the end of the club. How can it not be? But I also worry how things will turn out when there is no visible end. Who has the foresight to look into the un-written future?

Keep in mind that many of these petitioners are professional fans, paid to have an opinion, sometimes gaining more attention and influence than a daily newspaper. They are not amateurs nor are they our friends.  Why should their opinion be more insightful than anyone else’s? They have an agenda which usually has nothing to do with best interest of the club, unlike most regular fans.

What if Stan pumps a load of cash in, and the analytics say this and that guy are great but the team doesn’t fit or play well? What then? Onto the next scapegoat and the next? Then what if it all works? How to then stay in that position? This is a never ending pit of suffering and unfulfillment. That’s how football/sport functions. It’s a vessel for all possibilities and possible permutations. So what then? How do you fill a hole that can’t be filled either by players, managers or owners? When will they make peace?

Part of the solution or adding to the problem

Am not saying I am 100% right, just trying to find a way through. Am as frustrated as many of these people, but I don’t want the club to just turn into another shallow “shooting-tigers-in-a-cage” outfit. Wenger in his farewell speech seemed to know what was going to happen or at least could well happen. Alternate voices are always needed as they are also part of the picture. That’s what I hope this is.

Feel at ease to criticize. This isn’t a final statement, more trying to see what’s going on. Maybe you can add more in the areas I am unable to see. How much are we also part of the problem?  Is the petition part of the solution or simply adding to the problem?

Contributed by: Lady Europa


  1. It interesting ( frightening) how the deeper/ clearer we look we see elements arising and potentials brewing?Something to further explore is the new professional fan, there’s something deceptive in this, the pose as real and all knowing.
    People think that karma is action, it is but what most people think as karma is Karma-phala or vippaka ( sorry don’t know how to put the accent on it). Really the main sway of karma is thought and intent. This is what disturbs me in all this. The crying out for this, means that enters the equation, and off we go over the hills. The AFC dilemma isn’t a single problem but a long line like a chain. You pick up one and all the connected links rise up.

  2. Hope readers are aware this is a piece by an anonymous contributor, Lady Europa. It is a mature, calm analysis of the “petition” which I doubt I could pull off given my strong negative feelings to most of the proponents. Which is exactly the purpose of “UnCensored”, to provide a forum to expose the lies and misinformation. Lady Europa has asked for comments. I hope readers will give their uncensored views on this important subject.

  3. This is the first time I have come here and am delighted to find someone who says what I think.

    The media/social media is misleading ordinary people into thinking that they really matter and can make a difference, when, in truth, neither are true.

    The blogs are here for us to say what we like, whether it is correct or even acceptable.

    The media is there to make money for someone, and will do anything, including lying continuously, to achieve that end,

    In the end, we all suffer and the team we support will take us on an annual roller coaster ride, but ending lower and lower each year.

    We are watching the destruction of our beloved team from outside and within.

    Wenger’s warning not to compromise on our values has been ignored and we find ourselves in a position with a head coach who is not a manager, and a manager (Director of football) who is not a head coach, more administrators and directors of this, that and the other than ICI and one of our favourite and loyal players hung out to dry, not only by the club, but by Emery as well.

    The values that we all value are well and truly lost.

    This is a place worthwhile coming back to.

  4. One of the petitions main things was Stan spend cash. However when we examine the antagonists we see they actually want Stan out. The banner was supposed to be going over to the US at one point. If Stan goes then we are going to get a sugar daddy, how will this be for the pro Wenger-way Arsenal fans? This has been a situation that’s been standing in the shadows for a long time.

  5. Mills, isn;t that the real problem.

    Too many vociferous fans have only really known the Wenger years and seem to only enjoy fandem on that basis. for them success and winning is the ony aspect of being a fn that they kno0w and can relate to.

    If that means finding some middle eastern despot with lots of money who wilol spend and spend, then that is what they want.

    Many of us who have been through the awful times as well as the good ones find that prospect abhorent.

    I, for one, would,most probably lose complete interest should that happen.

    Winning at all costs is just not the point.

    • Yes sure is JJGSOL. Its very worrying when you really look at the petitioner’s agenda. Of course the sugar dads might fix a hole for a bit ( I feel like you about winning at all cost) but what if they go, what then if another dad doesnt pop up?

      Money isn’t the root of all evil, but the attitude of peoples minds is or can be. But its exploitation of finances is causing a lot of new situations and new situations cause a lot of new thinking to deal with them. And always fear. Football is more popular than ever, it means many things, it even could be said to be a kind of metaphorical/pseudo warfare, it is about identity and a family and all sorts of other projections that we all make.But they are projections. Whatever it is as humans we have invested much of our lives into our clubs that’s our own delusion. But Arsenal isn’t some form of democracy, its a sports club, if we invest our emotions and lives into that, surely that our responsibility?

      But what gets me is that this is all privileged problems; the world is facing terrible problems, and daily people are really suffering, and who knows what is coming next as the old order starts to die and doesn’t want to change or hand over things and yet there’s a petition for AFC to spend more millions, and really at lot of millions. Blokes booting a bit of leather around in fancy kits I look at my part in all this and feel a bit ashamed really. 40-30 years ago football was much easier to be a part of ( apart from violence at games/afterwards). Tonight after the last few days and reading around on a few places I felt like buggering off. That’s after 41 years! I just don’t feel positivity is enough any more, ok nice to meet other people but as the article said, not enough alternative voices? This needs clear thinking to take it on, but really its all down to Stan, whether he weathers the storm and give them a pacifier or just do what he wants.
      Weird to think their was a time when you could be a spectator. Now we are like critics( middlemen) but sometimes without too many readers. Plus its a daft scenario when everyone’s now a clever critic!
      I also think an unseen problem is the world communicating through the internet and the rise of self broadcasting, its pretty much a new game and shaking the foundations of the old systems that controlled things. But its not varied enough in viewpoint for me. But I keep looking at them. Grrr!

  6. I slightly disagree on the statement. I approached it cynically enough, but it avoided most of the worst of the sensationalism that previous similar statements had shown. I viewed it as a means to open dialogue with the club, despite some very uninspiring signatories. I get the feeling that some of them tried to rein in the worst of these self promotional tendencies. Alas, to no avail. As soon as it went up, you had the usual suspects coming out making it into a power struggle and a Kroenke Out protest. Not the way to get anything done.

    What worse is they assumed that fans would just simply go along, even goading some who had some concerns and objections. I can’t help but feel their arrogance went against them. Some of these groups have in the past been pretty xenophobic towards foreign fans, but now wanted them to sign unquestioningly, and portraying this as a selfless sacrifice, while claiming to represent all fans.

    Even when they got a reaction from the club, they claim it’s ‘not good enough’. Also revealing that they kept Emery and Raul out of the discussion entirely. Going after Kroenke is convenient. Nobody likes billionaires. they’re unrelatable. But what of the football. You know, the sport we’re supposed to be fans of? Not a word on the quality of the game last season. Not a word on the loss of values exhibited in the treatments of Ozil, Ramsey, Welbeck to a lesser extent, and most recently, this issue with Koscielny (though maybe that happened too late in the day for them to address it) How can they blame the coach or the new CEO who left us without a head of recruitment for months? They can’t. Not when these are the very changes they argued for and now find themselves supporting, simply to save face.

    A protest grants them visibility and the appearance of being relevant. Watch them now take credit for any new signings that we’ll see.

    I have some very deep concerns about the club. Including but not limited to the hoarding of cash. Oddly, even the cash reserves didn’t find mention in the statement, though AST’s share buyout by Stan did. However, this season the real issue is not money. It’s the mishandling of the squad, poor coaching and style of play, and the destruction of the ‘boot room’ as pointed out by you. The latter at least is being addressed by the Freddie led transition team, and hopefully, Edu.

    I don’t hold high hopes for the season ahead, the coach doesn’t have my trust anymore but I’ll always back the players.

    • finsburypJuly 18, 2019 at 8:50 am

      Shard I was a big fan of Edu the Footballer.

      Not sure I’m a fan of Edu the professional friend of Kia Joorabchain the Super Agent.

      But that’s what the people behind the petition want. Signings like Carlos Tevez, paying off the league to avoid points deductions, as opposed to punching the cheats in the face taking the points deductions and taking the piss out of those doing the deducting in public for an entire season.

      Some people say that they supported Davis but they also supported the idiotic decision to send that great player to the reserves and the consequences on the pitch thereafter.

      History as echoes, so they tell me.

      • I’m hopeful about Edu. Wenger was going to make him captain after Vieira left, so he must have some Arsenal character. Being around Freddie and Per should help bring more of that out. If he goes along with the Kia-Raul tango then I’m afraid Arsenal are in trouble. Especially with fan reps who care only for publicity and can get away with playing both sides of the aisle to enrich themselves. They’re controlled opposition at best. Outright cheerleaders at worst.

  7. finsburypJuly 18, 2019 at 8:40 am

    It’s just the latest iteration from the “you spend we spend” crowd?

    Is it not?

    “Ozil and Rambo can’t play together”
    “Emery likes gegenpressing, whoops I mean playing it from the back hang on no no no I mean he likes…talking to his players about the Spanish Civil War? Uploading clips of marching bands into his USB drive?”

    What a record they are leaving for posterity!


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