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Arsenal FC or Wage-Cut FC? Who Benefits?

With Arsenal barely making a new signing in the last transfer window but instead getting rid of 6 players, almost all on a free including the highest wage earner, Aubameyang, has raised questions about what is the real strategy being pursued by the owners. One indisputably fact is that ever since the Kroenkes became 100% owners, the club has consistently pursued a strategy of getting rid of the highest wage earners starting with Aaron Ramsey and most significantly the messy ejection of Mesut Ozil. Aubameyang’s exit is simply affirmation of the policy. Concurrently there has been a narrative that getting rid of big wage earners and replacing with younger, cheaper prospects is a mark of a “culture-change” being undertaken by the management, a narrative that has been loudly proclaimed by Mikel Arteta.

In our newest Positively-Uncensored podcast Blackburn George and Ehab seek to separate fact from PR. Focussing on Wage-Cut FC, the outstanding question is who is benefitting from wage-cuts. Has it or will it make Arsenal more competitive, attain top-4, return to Europe, i.e. all those standards it once took for granted.

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