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Why Arsenal Is Selling, Not Buying?

Many Gooners are still angry and upset after the conclusion of the last transfer window on January 31st. Instead of big signings, that was demanded and expected by the usual suspects in mainstream and social media, the Arsenal hierarchy shed many of its assets, most on a free, especially the once revered Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, who just happened to be the highest paid player on the books.  In return there was barely a signing, even if one takes into account the acquisition of a new goalkeeper from the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer (US). Validating the relative  insignificance of this signing is news he will join the club in August.

Yet there are vituperations and outrage by many Gooners on social media for failure to make a big signings in this just concluded window. This is despite the well known difficulty of doing any business in January as well as abundant evidence the club must sell as it has too large a squad for the one competition it still participates. Featuring Blackburn George, Ehab, Millsy and yours truly,  Shotta.

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I was wrong in stating, above, that the only new signing in the January window was a new goalkeeper from the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer (US). In truth the club signed a center-half, Aaron Trusty, from the Colorado Rapids, of the MLS, for a grand fee of €1.82m. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

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