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Arsenal: One or Two Hands On The Top-4 Trophy?

Greetings to all Gooners and especially my Uncensored supporters. You guys are the best. Like me, you must be enjoying this recent improvement in Arsenal’s fortunes and, belatedly, the almost universal recognition by most fans of the importance of winning the Top-4 trophy. Contrast this with at least ten (10) years under Wenger of the fake narratives and blatant lies that Top-4 was a sign of failure and mediocrity.

In our post game review of Arsenal’s 1:0 defeat of Aston Villa, away from home, Blackburn George and yours truly debate whether we have one or two hands on the Top-4 trophy. The only negative we identify at this time is the continuing campaign by some fans to demonize and scapegoat their own players especially Granit Xhaka.

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