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Arsenal Outclassed By Manchester City – Remember The Titanic

In this edition Shotta and Blackburn George, discuss Arsenal’s 3-0 defeat at home to Manchester City; how the gunners were outclassed particularly in midfield and explain why this is further evidence of a grim future for the club. Is the Titanic afloat or sinking? Should we take to the liferafts or stay on deck?

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  1. Excellent guys,

    Thank you.

    As you’ll both recall I rang my alarm bell with the sale of Chambo. It looked like Rambo would be the next on the chopping block and if a numbnut like me can call it then yes: the Kronke’s are just lame and predictable.

    If Raul stays at the club, if we are lucky he’ll be able to recreate the “successful model” of his mates at Wolves.

    the model called out by ALL the football coaches in the championship.

    And the writers and producers of the damned Utd.
    And anyone else who loves Football.

    A Benfica lite model.
    Without the bonus of being the only club in the league.

    Let’s hope Emery turned out to be so bad for Raul that he’s had to appoint a former player to cover his tracks sorry bungs as Woodward did up at Utd.

    The measure of the damage and scamming Raul did to the club in 24 months is how quickly he might resort to such an appointment when compared to his Stirling peer Ed Woodward up at Utd.

    It is remarkable how all these so called football hacks give such an easy ride to these blatant bloodsuckers feasting on these great football clubs. The ****s.

    Thanks again guys.

    Mills got pissed off but if he can’t appreciate that we’re critiquing the people and their PR orafices who are turning today’s kids away from the Gunners by flogging of or in Ozil’s case failing to flog off today’s kids’ heroes, if people don’t see the danger for the club there then what else can you say? I don’t care about yesterday’s heroes. Sorry. The future beckons. What kind of future?

    • Thanks Fins. It is remarkable that you are among the very few Positivistas who is no longer blind, mute and dumb to the damage being done to our great football club.i remember your disquiet when AOC was being sold. At the time I regarded it as a necessity to make the prospective deal with Lemar from Monaco. But in retrospect, with the demise of Jack, he was the only ACM who could break the lines with his powerful dribble, exactly how Klopp is using him. But apparently few of us take the time to appreciate how a great side is built and how easily it can be destroyed. From the evidence, the Kroenkes only care about buying and selling players not building a team. Well Don Raul is an expert based on the destruction over 24 months. As George emphasized we haven’t seen the worse.

      • I don’t want to comment on the rumour, don’t want to jinx it
        couldn’t help but notice who was missing from the alleged trip to Manchester.
        …let’s see what happens.


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