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Arsenal Outplayed By Leeds But Arteta Will Get More Time

Podcast: Yours truly and Blackburn George, the Arseblagger, lament the horrible football currently being played by Arsenal, who were thoroughly outplayed by Leeds, a newly promoted side from the Championship and warn it will get worse, not better, in the immediate future. Despite this bleak future, we are both convinced Arteta will get more time. Too many Arsenal fans are wedded to the narrative that Arteta can make us better despite every evidence to the contrary.

Important message: We are one of very few Arsenal pod-casters, if any, who are willing to take a critical view of some of the recent developments on- and off-the-field at Arsenal, which  should be cause for concern to any honest, fair-minded fan of the football club. Show your support of our efforts by Liking and Subscribing to our podcast wherever you listen.

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  1. Sean VassalloNovember 24, 2020 at 12:41 pm

    Can’t believe the club will persist with not playing Ozil.Do they really think that by buying a player in January we will make up for all the lost or drawn out games??

    I mean seriously is that their plan for the future of this club?Bad management along with a bad mentality up at board level will see us fall even lower as the season progresses. Will Arsenal even make the top 6 the way they are playing right now?

    • The Kroenkes and Arteta have backed themselves in a corner by taking the stupid, suicidal step of banning their best player. As George and me have observed the performances are getting worse game after game. Mediocre, mid-table teams are getting points off the Arsenal. For example, Villa have lost 3 out of their last 4 games but they trashed us 3-0. Nothing will change until we hit rock bottom. Once we get there i would expect the Kroenkes to make Arteta the scapegoat.

      • sean vassalloNovember 24, 2020 at 3:33 pm

        If Arteta is going to let himself be controlled by the board then that’s on him as well.So Arteta won’t allow himself to be dictated by the players and anyone who doesn’t follow his instructions is casted out but willingly let’s himself be cannon fodder for the boards ridiculous decisions……and they said Arsene Wenger was soft.

  2. I cannot let this blog go without a word on the passing of the greatest footballer of the modern era, if not ever, the legendary Diego Armando Maradona.

    Somebody reminded me how Maradona, “with the help of incredible, incomparable Sergio Goycochea in the frame and ever versatile and experienced Burruchaga took shitty, boring, uninspiring mediocre team Argentina could assemble for that World Cup to the freaking finals. It was a mind-numbingly mediocre team, which took the third place in the qualification group losing to Cameroon, tying Romania and winning USSR. Argentina met mighty Brazil in the knock out stage. Everyone thought Argentina was finished. Well, without Maradona it would have been. But Argentina had him and, as usual, he created a goal out of nothing leaving Caniggia with an easy task of putting a ball into the Brazilian net.” Take a look on this YouTube video.


    I now remember how piss poor the finals were as Germany beat La Celeste with a penalty. But I remained amazed how Argentina make the finals. It was solely on the back of the genius. They have never been great again since and one wonders if they ever will. The Argentinean people seem to know this from the mammoth outpouring of grief on his death.

    Neither have Napolii been anywhere close to the giddy heights they were when they had Diego. He won them two league title and a UEFA Cup. No wonder he is a deity in Naples.

    RIP Diego Armando. You were the King in the highest court of football.

  3. Rosicky@ArsenalNovember 29, 2020 at 8:26 am

    Shotta your tribute to the legend in respect of Italia 90 is note worthy as generally people dont mention it and remember Maradona for Mexico 86. Infact winning the world cup single handedly and then again reaching the subsequent final with an average squad is a testamemt to the greatness Maradona had been. Had it not been for Maradona Argentina would never have been rated equal to the likes of Brazil Italy and Germany as the super powers of world football.

    Another point to be noted is that many people say that Messi is a greater player than Maradona which i tend to disagree.
    Despite playing 3 world cup finals Messi could not do it for his country. The people of Argentine know better who is the better of two.His funeral says it all for me.Rest is history.


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