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Arsenal Refuse to Lose

In this latest podcast, yours truly Shotta and Blackburn George, the Arseblagger, analyze Arsenal’s magnificent draw at Chelsea. The Gunners refuse to lose, repaying the faith manager Mikel Arteta placed in the team after they went down to 10-men, when he declined to make any immediate substitution.

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  1. Thanks guys. For this & the previous review too.

    I enjoyed George highlighting here and in his blog the decision to not make a sub and to trust the front four.

    some of the “Ozil and Rambo can’t play together” vets were opining upon Ozil’s apparently weak performance. Predictable, I know.

    In light of Lampard’s comments on Ozil’s movement inside out towards the right until he ran himself into the ground what can you say?

    No need to debate that Ozil is a perfect Footballer, or if his best football is before him at his age Etc. Etc. Etc.
    Frank Lampard may have been a completely different style of high level attacking midfielder/ten but that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate other styles. Evidentially.

    Whilst understanding that Lampard was trying to explain his response to the challenge from the Arsenal coach and players I appreciated the opposing coach publicly acknowledging the bravery of Arteta’s call.

    George and Frank, peas in a pod heh.

    We’ve just witnessed a combination between this coach and player, part of their new journey together.
    to help secure what is a good and memorable result in the circumstances. Football so good if you blink you miss it, and if you can under rand it should probably be coaching alongside Mikel or Frank.
    I was perplexed by the presence of Ozil on the RW myself but just as I could see Ozil’s interesting movement in the Chelsea game yet not understand it I could also see how the team were playing: and I loved it.
    In the absence of a Breakdown from Clarke that comment from Lampard may be the best insight into how Arsenal played their way back into this contest.

    Lots and lots and lots of stuff to be positive about.

    In the Dark Days some said to look to Edu. And that was something to cling onto.
    Edu eh? I’m happy to indulge in the speculation around his involvement with Arteta and Martinelli arriving. Lapping it right up. I hope he’s a positive.

    Great sub of Ozil too, in my opinion also a positive act. some of the players who received little rest during the crunch are more fatigued. Didn’t mind the red on Auba too as it was a red not forgetting the stupendous constant differential in cards from the pgMOB. ignoring all that he just needed a breather. He was overplayed by he who shall not be mentioned, as per what we saw in the mismanagement of other players, and I don’t want to see him Rashed or Kaned into the ground. Plus we all sensed there was something appealing in the prospect of watching Gabby play some more Football!

    I’m not sure the drop in quality of matches across the league during and after the crunch are worth it, but I suppose that expecting the riff raff at the FA or the clowns in the pgMOB to act in the athletes’ interest is probably too high an expectation heh.

    Penny for Southgate’s thoughts.

    Returning to the Arsenal, if Holding is OK and ready I hope to see him eventually regain the form he was showing last autumn. Real shame about Chambers, could be wrong but I think he just needs a long spell at CB and he might develop the tools to cope with super quick super top level strikers.

    There was a genuine concern out there that Holding and Bellerin would be/had been Kaned but fortunately they and Xhaka and Torreira won’t be beating down the escape hatch and try to follow Monreal and Kozza anymore.


    Now. Let’s see if the clown still left at the club is as good as his PR said he was last summer. If Gabby is not locked into a contract till 2035 by the end of the week, hehe, safe to say it’ll be proof once again that he is all mouth and no trousers.

    • So glad you mentioned Ozil in your comment, whose performance George and I did not highlight in our discussion. But I did see Lampard’s remarks in two separate post match pressers he had with the English media.

      As you said, he lamented how they found it difficult coping with Ozil’s movements especially when he switched from wide right to central midfield after the sending off. As you noted it is interesting how Arteta pulled a tactical surprise on Chelsea in his use of Ozil from the very start of the game and then later, yet few of more “popular” blaggers, podcasters and YouTubers noted this need to be clever with using Ozil because he is the focus of the opposition. To the contrary, I listened to a certain popular podcast, who shall remain nameless, and in their post-match spent minutes bashing Ozil as being ineffective in this match and in previous games (the same games he was top in passes completed and chances created). Yet all three presenters were unanimous that the club must prepare to move him on as soon as possible. I kid thee not.

      As you have consistently noted, these are the very same people who enabled Emery and Raul to destroy Arsenal over 18-months by giving credence to patent ignorance and absolute hogwash that Ozil and Ramsey “can’t play together”. Imagine needing Frank Lampard, of all persons, to explain that the sole world class technician Arsenal has in its midfield is the focus of of the opposition’s tactical plan to defeat the Gunners.

      No wonder I rarely give our most popular blaggers, podcasters and YouTubers any credence whatsoever.

      • Enable is too strong a word, but yes I agree with you they deserve no credence.

        That they were incapable and or unwilling to draw the obvious parallels between the modus and function of Woodward at Utd and Pedro Risdale is, given the scenes in the stands at Utd with fans calling for Woodward’s head, literally, well, what can you say.

        Raul needs to spend more on his PR! Lol.

        • Far from me to disagree with you Fins but if Raul and co. did not feel there would be any opposition from the fanbase would he have been so bold in decimating our midfield and replacing them with with loaners from La Liga who are 2nd and 3rd choice in their respective teams?.

          • Sure thing Shotts

            we are just the irrelevant plebs in their eyes.

            one literal bum on a seat is the same as any other bum. Just as long as they know their place. Lol.

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