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“Don’t Be A Dick” Arsenal Fans

In this podcast yours truly and Blackburn George, the Arseblagger, react to the disappointment most fans have expressed after another draw in the Premier League, this time at Burnley. After seeing and hearing Sean Dyche continually abuse referee Chris Kavanagh during the game we decided his advise to  Chis was appropriate for some Arsenal fans:

“Don’t be an effing dick head”

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  1. Thanks Shotts,

    Let us not forget Monreal from the list when accounting Don Raul’s evisceration of the footballing quality from the squad

    Another great night for Nacho in the Sociedad shirts against one of the big Spanish clubs. The only football the team played under Emery this season was when Monreal was still a Gunner!

    And yet the dicks are laying into the only AM left in the squad!!!

    Did they turn around their own form after their descent into their “ozil and Ramsey can’t play together” hole?

    No. No they did not.
    And that’s not because they are dicks but because they are c*nts. Might as well tattoo it across their foreheads.

    The Arsenal deserve better then to be surrounded by such a shower of awful parasites.


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