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Don’t Fox It Up Arsenal!


Bellerin has us looking sharp and well dressed, while Arteta tells stable boy Guendouzi to ready the horses. It’s time to go fox hunting.

Ok, I’m sorry, but that’s despicable. Arsenal are far from that, except in the eyes of the referees and Jose Mourinho, whose team managed to muck a win against Everton yesterday. Arsenal’s twitter handle must be shaking.

Anyway, Mourinho is yesterday’s news. Today it’s David Brent aka Brendan Rodgers. He has rehabilitated his image, at least in my mind, since he went away to Celtic and especially with the job he’s done at Leicester. For his part, he’s been complimentary about Arteta’s influence at Arsenal. Saying he’s established a style of play that’s not easy to execute in a short space of time. This is true, but it also speaks to the intelligence of the players that we have. It’s something often taken for granted, but it was one of the demands made of them by the “useless” Wenger too.

Foxes are better than Wolves

Arsenal did well to neutralize Wolves and Adama Traore’s threat on the counter but doing it to Leicester will be a bigger challenge. They’re the better team, and have a better finisher in Vardy. Their midfield and defense is also tougher to break down. A week or so ago, it seemed that they were on a downward trend. Draws with Watford and Brighton were followed with a loss to Everton. But the restart likely just caught them cold. They were impressive in their win against Crystal Palace. It will be interesting to see how we cope with their press, but also how they cope with ours.

We pressed well against Wolves and showed patience in the build up. But we have been lacking creativity in the midfield for a while now.

  • Ozil is still a doubt and likely will not be involved.
  • Ceballos is frustrating in his nothingness although I am very biased against him.
  • Guendouzi has been put out to pasture by the sounds of it.
  • The physical demands placed on Xhaka have been huge. Is it fair to say he might need a rest? Maybe Torreira’s return will ease some of the pressure on him and AMN could get a run in midfield as well.

At least they likely won’t have to chase Maddison who I really like as a player. He’s an injury doubt along with Ben Chilwell who has been rumoured to be moving from Leicester Blue to Ugly Kit Blue.

By the by, does anyone know why Leicester wear blue despite being The Foxes. Are they sad foxes? Let’s hope that’s true at the final whistle anyway. Don’t Fox it up, Arsenal!

Written by Shard aka @shardgooner

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  1. So we draw with Leicester after a dominant 1st half. Frankly it was a brilliant performance by their GK that prevented us from scoring 2 or 3 in the 1st and after that the PGMOL took over as Leicester was allowed to fouldand get away preventing us from playing our game. Nketiah was sent off fro an over-enthusiastic tackle while Jaime Vardy was allowed to haul Mustafi down and rake him with his studs. But to cap it off the same Vardy was allowed an offside goal with the PGMOL advising the media they didn’t take into account a touch by Ayoze Perez which made would compunded Vardy’s initial offence.. Is their another organization in football more blatantly corrupt in their application of the rules of the game?


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