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Optimism for Arsenal, Pessimism for Guendouzi

In this podcast Blackburn George, @arseblagger, is more optimistic about Arsenal’s immediate future after the latest win vs Wolves but quite pessimistic for Guendouzi as a Gunner. Can we change his name to Nostradamus George?

Tune in for more.

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  1. Good to hear a chuckle or two.

    Not as grim as when the midfield evaporated after Xhaka went off injured. I could empathises with that pessimism as we had to endure an even less experienced Guendouzi play ahead of a perfectly fit at his best Ramsey in the PL for eons last season, the flashbacks were terrifying when you recall how many points that call by Stinker (Donny did a doo doo) cost the club, how much it truly cost the club.

    But maybe it was for the best for here we are belatedly with Arteta after Stinker’s puppet stank out the yard.

    I was wrong George it was Arteta who was the Prince who was promised and returned like a King.

    Like a breath of fresh air. I can breathe!

    Arsene’s anointed heir has the same board to deal with, (Stinker was there at the end, causing a stink…) but we didn’t call him the Dark Prince for nothing!

    And who then offers himself up to be Arteta’s sacrificial lamb before the young and impressionable souls in the squad? Who is then sent to train alone? Matteo! Oh wow. Did I write this script? George Graham would approve!

    That’s a big call given how many PL minutes this rookie has chalked up. I suppose it adds to his transfer value, that might’ve soothed the balm for some? Mmmm? I don’t underestimate the influence of those at the club who have no nominal power. Evidentially. Keep hope alive eh? They got the fans’ (football fans’!) man in finally? Somehow we got here.


    Arteta needs no chances to show his quality. He’s the same person we got to know and respect as a player-coach (The Captain). He shows his quality week in week out.
    Happy days.

    • Hey Fins. You would remember, from the early days of this blog and the podcast, how skeptical George and I were of Emery’s love-child Matteo. At the time we wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but the number of starts he had at the expense of Ramsey and Ozil blew our mind. Clearly Arteta shares our skepticism and has no compunction in banishing him from the squad. Nostradamus George predicts he will be sold. Who is willing to bet against him?


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