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Future Dependent On Raul Sanllehi

In this edition of the Uncensored Arsenal podcast, yours truly and Blackburn George (@arseblagger) conclude the immediate future of our football club is dependent Raul Sanllehi. We discuss Arsenal’s draw with Wolves, Emery’s coaching and tactics and the decline in traditional values of the club.

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  1. Hello lads, enjoyed listening to your talk this morning. Sums up pretty much whats a-happening at AFC,many thanks for taking the time to do it.
    The one thing I got out of it the most though, was I felt really glad to be part of a group of decent people (here and at PA)who want certain standards and structures to stay in place, that love the club, and dont want to just sell out and create a false sense of victory the corruption and unintelligent play.
    It doesnt seem like theres many of us, but Shotts could be right, potentially millions.As loud as some outlets are there are many who are silent as they dont take part in the world of the Intersweat.

    Odd thing is who knows where we might be by the time you do the next podcast? Emery? José? Freddie Kruger? Rosemary the telephone operator? Or nipped three points closer..?


    • It is just a hunch Millsy but based on the millions who started supporting the club in the non-trophy years, it is my belief they supported because of the free flowing football and the integrity and class AFC represented. I think they are a silent majority.

  2. I think youre right there Shotts. It will be interesting to see who comes and who goes in this period, plenty of people will head for the Man city/ Liverpool lifeboats.
    A lot of the Don Howe( dont get me wrong I liked Don very much and he is a massive Arsenal hero to me) and early GG years were pretty difficult, and in some ways was like this period ( only much longer), you had hope but you knew we could not perform at the very top level. We might get to a semi, and score first but you knew we would lose.
    It was also a time of great humiliations, that have mostly been forgotten( much worse than Bradford etc).People would go nuts now to have to deal with such things. It sounds like a typical ” in my day it were harder” narrative, but it was (at least some of it was anyway). I didnt find the mid Terry Neill era too bad at all, I thought they were a bit tough on him at the end ( but that just my opinion). But under the Big Weng football became a beautiful thing. Irony is as you say, (maybe) the classiest years were trophy- less. But look what we were up against, new stadium to pay for and blank cheque book teams and after game 50 the exposure of corruption that still lurks…

    I was also thinking of the older people who arent too active on blogs/vlogs/and slagger bleatings. They are out there keeping their own counsel and mulling over the whole saga.

    At least the values of the Weng era does give us a rallying point in all this.

  3. Red_QuadrantNovember 4, 2019 at 6:35 pm

    Spot on Shotta and George.

    We must not forget Raul was not brought into the club in his present role. His record at Barca is seriously suspect.

    I am not convinced at all by him and I am also highly suspicious about his capabilities to perform the role he is employed to do at Arsenal. But time will tell.

  4. So far Raul has been a quantifiable disaster.

    Lost Rambo for zero.


    Koscielny and Monreal walked out and the squad on the football pitch is weaker for all the above.

    He’s not even shown himself to be good at the “football relations” in his job title. Ozil’s agent and all the other agents of the other players have been running rings around him.

    Perhaps that is why he only likes to work with his “trusted” agents?

    Raul has shown himself to be a clown in the job.

    He’s not been training hard enough! Time to drop him, brief against him and hope he gives in and walks away – at least that appears to be his genius method with the players. So hopefully his own awful technique will work and rebound upon this reprobate?

    The buck stops with Josh. Who appears to be equally out of his depth.

    But thanks to Shotts & George for representing the Arsenal of Pat Rice and Bob Wilson where the shower of Blaggers have also shown themselves to be Failures.

    We know who we are and who we represent.

    Clearly Josh and Raul haven’t a clue,
    and neither do they care.

  5. It seems to me that there are really 2 sorts of fans here.

    There are the older ones, like ourselves, who have seen the barren and bad years and who are fans not because we won lots of things, but because we simply loved the club.

    Then you have the younger ones, who have only seen the AW days, the successes, the fabulous football and it is they, I might suggest are the ones who would welcome Mourinho with open arms, if only to get their fix of success another time,before the inevitable Mourinho flop takes hold,

    I think that there is a big difference between the Howe/Neil days in that we simply did not have the players to be a success.

    Now it is different, we have the players, but UE is destroying them trying to turn them into automatons, who run around a lot and do what they are told.

    That is why Guendousi is such a favourite of his, because that is what he does, even if it gets him and us nowhere.

    I will be a coward and simjply walk away from the club, as best that I can, if Mourinho is signed.

    My affection for the club and what it stands for will not be able to counteract the revulssion at what the owners and their administration staff are turning it itto.

    I reckon it will not be longer before there will be widespread discord amongst the players unless UE is removed and replaced by a decent and aceptable manager..

    The alleged refusal of Auba and Laca to sign new contracts, if true, will be the tip of the iceberg, on their own will cause the most damage to the club.

    • Never resort to cowardice JJG. Leave that to the various opportunists who have long ago betrayed the banner that “class is permanent.” We have a duty to speak up against the debasement of Arsenal Football Club. The club will never return to greatness if it abandons its traditional values of integrity and class. Why should great players commit to our club when Sahalli and Josh Kroenke treat players like Ramsey, Koscielney, Monreal and now Ozil as dirt. We will need your voice.

    • I am an Arsenal fan who’s only seen Wenger. There are many like me who love the club more for its culture and class than the trophies. Remember, people who started following from afar had a choice to support more successful clubs.

      I’ve also seen many self appointed Arsenal aristocracy who want Mourinho and hate Wenger and everything he represents.

      So, sorry, but I keep running into this characterisation of fans, which I simply must refute.

      • You are not alone Shard. There are millions of us. Why are we more vocal in defending the traditional values of integrity and class while the “aristocrats” would swap that for Mourinho or some other mercenary in a minute? Why are we more like The old guard like Mills, JJGSOL, Gee who have been loyal to the club during the bad old days?

        • Class and tradition ha ha ha. A marketing slogan for the millenials. Didn’t give a shit when David Dein got kicked out did you? Didn’t give a shit when Kroenke took over as Daddy was still manager and that was all you cared about. You deserve this misery for every snide comment about the BSM and We care do you? It was never about Wenger but you were too blind to see it. Your misery is delicious.


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