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How Can Arsenal Upset Man City After Just Edging West Ham

In this podcast,  yours truly and Blackburn George explain how Mikel Arteta has done a brilliant job improving Arsenal but it is still a work-in-progress. After just edging West Ham over last weekend the question is “how can Arsenal upset Manchester City” in their upcoming  Premier League game on Wednesday.

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  1. The safety and health of football fans is more important than the money spinning Premier League or the UEFA competitions for that matter. It is an absolute scientific fact that massing people together at any event, in this case football matches is a sure way to exponential cause the infection and spread of the corona virus.

    The following is one of many authoritative articles: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/03/coronavirus-cancel-everything/607675/

    “Before China canceled all public gatherings, asked most citizens to self-quarantine, and sealed off the most heavily affected region, the virus was spreading in exponential fashion. Once the government imposed social distancing, the number of new cases leveled off; now, at least according to official statistics, every day brings more news of existing patients who are healed than of patients who are newly infected.”

    In light of such clear contemporary experience it is an act criminal neglect that the Premier League is insisting on matches in crowded stadiums when the disease will inevitably spread to England. The science and commonsense says cancel all mass events to prevent the spread of the virus. Meanwhile the NBA and the NCAA are cancelling basketball games or games in crowded stadia. The NHL will soon follow. But the Premier League in its utter greed and callous disregard of the fans aims to continue business as usual. How can Brighton v Arsenal go on in this climate?


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