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Is Arsenal’s Problem Beyond Arteta In Or Out?

After another poor performance by Arsenal at home to Crystal Palace and Gooners are about swamped on social media by #ArtetaOut even though he’s been poor for 22 months according us at Uncensored Arsenal. Post-game me and Blackburn George @arseblagger give our opinion the broader issues facing our club. Is the problem Beyond Arteta In or Out?

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  1. Happily I’ve very low expectations from the mob running the club.

    With fans back in the ground it’d be premature to rule anything out this season unlikely as it is after NLD bounce but even if there was a change what is the objective record from those making these calls? Would they know a good coach if they saw one? What does the record tell us?

    Some of the new signings are a plus we hope but we’re talking one or two players like Ramsdale.

    • Can Arteta develop these young players? He hasn’t developed Nketiah or Reiss Nelson. Ceballos was a bust. I worry about the future of Odegaard, Saka and Smith-Rowe. How about you?

  2. Shotts
    There was the bizarre embarrassing PR battle between the clubs over Nelson’s fitness levels after he went on loan.

    Is Arteta’s inexperience leading him astray here sometimes over training (like now) and sometimes under-training the players?
    And choosing the wrong game plan after players just flew back from internationals, running on an empty tank after twenty/thirty minutes instead of sixty?

    Can only speculate but fitness management was a flaw last year and it took an experienced coach who’d won titles and been in CL finals like Klopp a season or two to admit he needed to adapt his training and press in the PL. Same Klopp who received AW at his training ground the other week.

    Whatever went on with the fitness Arteta’s infamous No.2 should be helping him out here? Hehehe.

    Having written all that it looks like Liverpool went for it against Ateltico tonight and then got pegged back after taking a two goal lead luckily for them there are no away goals in this game but a red card for the game changer Griezman.

    I’ll still give him time as he’ll carry on being picked but the hope that the hype around Partey was not fuelled by expiring party balloons has flown with the autumn winds.
    He had an easy pass to make more then one it wasn’t like he needed to turn but he didn’t trust the two touch game.
    Coquelin had banners in his name in the stands after a dozen games and he wasn’t a world class player but there’s a comparison for us.

    • Welcome back Fins. Arteta is hapless at this coaching lark. As Ehab keeps saying on the You Tube streams he needs at least 200 games under his belt before becoming a decent coach. Arsenal is not the place for On-the-Jo training.

  3. Rosicky@ArsenalOctober 21, 2021 at 5:58 am

    I believe Arteta will be sacked before December if there is no improvement in results.
    The Americans can be ruthless sometimes.

    • I am not that confident. The Kroenkes have shown a lot of commitment to Arteta. When he took us down to 15th last year I thought he would be fired, instead they gave him more money to spend. Still the football is as dull and uninspiring as ever. Some people still believe it will get better. I don’t see any evidence that it will.


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