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Is It Top-4, Top-6 or Top-8 For Arsenal After West Ham?

Podcast: After Arsenal’s amazing comeback against West Ham on Sunday, yours truly and Blackburn George, the Arseblagger assess the performance of the Arsenal team, especially Odegaard, Lacazette, Aubameyang and Partey and conclude on the club’s chances of coming Top-4, Top-6 or Top-8. We provide the answer virtually at the very end (No cheating this time girls and boys.)

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  1. Rosicky@ArsenalMarch 23, 2021 at 6:50 am

    Great podcast Shotta.
    But I object on the podcast headline Shotta.Why lower the bar the idiot bloggers said we will the league on a canter once Wenger is gone.Its been 3 years now and we can’t even finish top4 while Arsene Wenger did it for us for 2 decades. It seems Klopp will miss top4 this year reminds you how great and consistent Arsene Wenger was?

    George commented well and I agree to all his points on Odegard ,Laca,Auba.Even his interesting comments on Ozil ,and Odegard comparison. Wonder why Arteta blew up the season by not playing Ozil for 6 months of he knew a #10 was so vital for Arsenal system.

    One thing I was surprised to hear that George’s favorite game was against Reading.I fail to understand how the 5-2 against Spurs or the 4-4 at Anfield wasn’t George’s favourite games.
    Btw the 2-0 against Peps Bayern the FA cup semi final against City and then the final victory against Contes Chelsea were also among Arsene Wengers classics imo.

  2. Rosicky@ArsenalMarch 23, 2021 at 7:46 am

    Also Shotta I wonder why people are saying that Odegaard tracks back while Ozil didn’t. Was I watching a different game?

    • Hey Ros. I take full responsibility for our headlines and my goal is to have listeners ask themselves the critical question of the day. Hopefully i succeeded in this episode. As always your comments are appreciated.


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