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Is Unai Emery The Right Coach For Arsenal?

Unai Emery (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

In Episode #4 of the Uncensored Arsenal podcast, yours truly, Shotta, and Blackburn George, the Arseblagger, discuss how Arsenal were outclassed by Liverpool at Anfield and again ask the question; Is Unai Emery the Right Coach for Arsenal?

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  1. Weird thing is with the kind of players we’ve got/just got rid of , wtf arent we making chances?
    Emerys second season? What did Weng do in his?

    Are we third because we’re good, or because other teams have messed up?

    Liverpool are playing as a team, quite simply we arent? And didnt much last year?

    In fairness to Monreal, Salah was already ahead of him, he did catch him, but Salah was clever and cut in, to block Mon out.

    Have look again at Luiz for goal 1.

    What if we sell Mon and Tierney is a pile of?

    Cheers to Shotts and George.

  2. What’s up folks!
    First time commenting. Enjoyed the talk very much…well done!!!

    It can be no surprise that I fully agree with you both that Emery is not the man for the job. We have seen this now for over a season and the play has not improved at all. As George said we are relying on moments of magic to win game and not team play and that is simply not sustainable,

    People are saying the season just started. While that may me true Emery’s tenure has not. My question is what signs have we seen to say we are on the way up? Are we going to base this simply on the transfer window? Forget that! what is the manager doing? How is he improving the team play? If you cannot show me that then what are we taking about here?

    The stats quoted by George speak volumes and are most alarming. I was shocked by them to be honest.

    Don’t agree that Luiz is our best Central defender though. Maybe best healthy defender…maybe. I would not have him in my team. He was at fault for the 2nd and 3rd goals. Agreed that Salah can beat the best but that is why you don’t just run out on him like that because once he beats you you are dead. You try to contain in that case and make the touch line an added defender. Stall him as much as possible and wait for help.

    Anyways, thanks for this. Thoroughly enjoyed this!!! Keep up the good work.

  3. No. No Emery is not the right coach for the Gunners.


    Look to the midfield,
    and there you shall all find the answer.

    Specifically if he moves Xhaka to LB again at times if Monreal is sold!

    But as Shotta refers to on the podcast, some of us saw enough during that triple sub against Brighton to know that Emery will always act as we saw him act during half time in his second match away to Chelsea. He’s first instinct is to defend which is fine but if it gets in the way of scoring goals in a game of football to such a degree then his instinct is: fair game for criticism.

    Especially when the defending has got worse!

  4. Shorts, excellent comment about the hypocrisy of having an issue with Mourihno and his negative style while giving UE a pass, even though the man won a lot with said style.

    We missed out on the top 4 because of this negativity and got ran of the pitch in the Europa final.

    Fins, another match that sticks out to me is Huddersfield. We were pegged back for almost the whole match. Huddersfield pegging back Arsenal?!

    Come on man!

    • The chosen line up for Palace at home was equally dispiriting mainly because he had to rest Rambo, even though once he reversed his previous policy he was reluctant to do so.

      As people will acknowledge sooner then later this season,!Emery was incapable of finding a solution without Rambo last year, and it’ll be the same this time round.

      Certainly poor Guendouzi clogging up the midfield though he does “run around a lot” is not the answer when you can’t get the football past your own 25 yard line.

      I disagree with Baba on Willock and Guen against Liverpool, ultimately it’s obvious and undeniable that Cebellos should’ve been playing where Guendouzi was (and subbed off generously early in such a high intensity game for someone who maybe started a dozen matches in the last two seasons!).

      Emery is, I don’t like to say it but this is how it looks with his calls: incompetent when it comes to the midfield especially when taking Xhaka as well as Rambo out…& I write that not as Xhaka’s biggest fan but only an idiot or a grit snorting Billy Big Blagger/panto clown could imagine the team is better off ATM with the only senior experienced CM in the team. Yet that is what they do.

      On the plus side recent events and their own idiotic projections are severing what’s left of the credibility of these arse Blagging vampires.

      -Ozil and Rambo can’t play together
      -Should the club sell Auba?
      -Ignoring the quality of Rambo as acknowledged by the rest of the football world (lol)


    • < Without the most experienced CM in the team

      I mean: Chelsea will improve once their best/most experienced defender Rudiger returns. Not because he is the greater talent then the younger players but because…

      …the online Arsenal world have been trolled into a dark and stupid hole.

      In spite of the loss of Hazard they still have a strong squad they'll be a contender for top 4 IMO, assuming Lampard doesn't kick of a civil war in the dressing room in order to bring in his favoured agents (they're already there).

  5. Meant to say Shotta!
    Corrective thingy!

  6. I believe there are some mitigating factors, but ultimately, hard to really argue, a very poor result and performance.
    Following on from similarly inept performances up there in 2017 and 2018.
    I maintain this game will not define the season but our record at Anfield is not good enough in the last few years.
    Unfortunately, it looks to me like Anfield is just the sharper end of problems we have faced away from home, and defending in general, for too long.
    This Liverpool game has gone, but just hoping emery finds a way of getting better results, away, to the less stellar teams who have had the ability to take the same number of points off us as Liverpool at Anfield, we all know those teams. If emery fails to do so, events will take care of themselves, I am sure he is well aware of that


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