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No Improvement, No Change At Arsenal In 18 Months Despite Win At Sheffield

Podcast: Despite Arsenal’s recent win at Sheffield United, in this podcast BlackburnGeorge, @arseblagger, is in despair, unhappy with the football, Arsenal and Arteta. In his opinion, after 18 months there has been no improvement under Arteta. And there is “no change” in the offing.

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  1. Rosicky@ArsenalApril 18, 2021 at 6:04 pm

    Great podcast Shotta and George. Infact if we see on a broader picture Arteta has not improved a single player.
    Arteta ‘s treatment of Ozil,sale of Emi Martinez,buying of Willian, not managing Maitlamd Niles, Martinelli are a few examples which shows Arteta may not excell at Arsenal long term.
    Wonder if we had given Freddie Ljunberg a chance to manage at Arsenal we would have been better off.
    Btw I would take Bielsa at Arsenal in a hearbeat.

    Anyway we are in Europa SF maybe Arteta can pull a rabbit out from the hat

    • Arteta is in hog’s heaven. His alliance with the Kroenkes has borne full fruit. Alienated, marginalized and got rid of Ozil and his allies, £85 million in new money for Partey and Gabriel, big salaries and long contracts for aging players like Willian and Auba, and despite cementing Arsenal’s position as a mid-table team he is guaranteed a place in Europe via the Super League. What a winner!


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