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No Quick Fix By Freddie As Interim Coach

In this latest edition of the Uncensored podcast, yours truly and Blackburn George conclude that so much damage has been done to Arsenal over the past 18 months, on and off the field, that there is no quick fix by Freddie as interim head coach. We urge cautious enthusiasm.

Here are some of the issues we discuss:

  • How Raul Sanllehi will affect Freddie’s appointment?
  • What must Freddie do to improve performances?
  • What are his chances of getting the job full-time?
  • How the ethos of the club has been destroyed?

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  1. A good breakfast brew. Thanks lads.

    • Saw a nice interview with FL from three years ago.
      Couldn’t drop the YouTube link?

      He Talks about playing Propa Football in a manner we all want to hear, more artculately then Raul ever can.

      Is there anything mor awful on this earth then listengin to Raul The Cowboy attempt to talk about Football?

      The man is a Buffoon. A dangerous clown but a clown nonetheless.

      Freddie will from his own words then know the damage done more then most. Sure he can’t repair it not with that **** Raul acting the ****, but he knows Raul’s game too. Who knows maybe he’ll be able to bring in Lauren/Silva to “kick” Raul into touch Sam’s as they did when they played together? We can but dream that Sir Good Lord Chips, Agent Ozil and True Coach Freddie have trapped Raul in a rolling barrage. It’s the hope that keeps me going.

      On Raul:

      He has ZERO Football qualifications.

      He’s done an awful job to date with ZERO criticism

      How is he in charge of a club the size of the Arsenal?

      Why is there ZERO focus on this man’s palpable lack of the right qualifications to be in this job?

      • smack on fins. Keep Wreck-it Raulph out of the dressing room.

      • TBH Pedro from LeGrove has done a series of blogs exposing Raul and his address book of super agents as a grave threat to the future of Arsenal FC. Of course it comes with with his usual bombast and mental derangement towards Wenger but that is truly secondary at this point in time. Raul is our enemy.

  2. It will be very interesting to see what Freddie’s first team selection will be, what formation, I expect it to be a 4-2-3-1, as this is what was used by him in the U23’s last season. If it is then comes some very interesting choices, will Freddie go for a number of those U23’s or will he be trying to guarantee a winning start by going for experience. I can’t see any of last seasons U23 defenders getting a game, Ballard is out injured and Medeley has not been starting for the U23’s lately after his injury too. So what are his U23 options in midfield and attack, Willock, Nelson, Saka, John-Jules, Maitland-Niles, I can’t see Oleyanka or Burton coming in to even the squad.

    So is either Nelson or Saka going to get a start ahead of Pepe, is Willock going to start ahead of Ozil, will John-Jules get in ahead of either PEA or Lacazette, will Maitland-Nikles start ahead of Bellerin, or Chambers at Right Back, or ahead of Xhaka, Torreira or Guendouzi in CM. Will Guendouzi start is another big question.
    What about who starts at CB, Holding, Chambers, Sokratis or Mustafi, I think David Luiz is out injured.

    Will Leno keep his place or will Freddie give Martinez his chance.

    Is it going to be PEA or Lacazette up front, will it be both, will PEA be squeezed on to the left wing again.
    New man, so it could be anything. It could be great, it could be a disaster, but its Freddie and we all love Freddie

    Isn’t there something reassuring when so many of us find it so easy to refer to our interim Head Coach by his first name, something we very seldom done for Unai Emery, we did it for Arsene, we did it for George, we did it for Don, we did it for Bertie, but we didn’t find it so easy for Terry, or Bruce or Unai.

  3. Terry Neill was a fine manager. If it hadnt have been for the bloody endless replays against Liverpool we could have quite easily beaten WHam in 1980 and his stats would have looked better. Terrys record of 4 finals and a CS in three years is pretty good imo. But it is true he was never called Terry, just Terry Neill.

  4. OT: so the thought from the plastic gurus was that we had a fantastic transfer window? Ok so Emerys gone and Freddie might get them playing better ( i hope so).
    But one thing we can say is that the transfer window under Emery was kack? Or not the success it looked on paper? The Christmas toys dont look so exciting some months later? Martinelli is the only one who looks like he might have some ( so far)?

    • in my blog reviewing the summer window published on August 11th I stated the following:

      “I conclude the squad is either about the same, if not slightly worse.”

      Those were the days when most big Arsenal accounts on twitter, blogging, podcasting and YouTubing were celebrating Sanllehi as the Don for getting rid of good players and chucking .£72 million at Nicholas Pepe and his agent. BTW we now know that fee was way in excess what any competing club was willing to pay.

      Instead of being caught in the hype, most of us at Uncensored tried to be objective. Yet some fans thought we were being over critical of the club. Now almost nobody is convinced we have a better squad.

      IMO this overly positive, naively optimistic view of what goes on at Arsenal, without a vigilant fanbase, will lead to our demise given there are so many dodgy individuals running the football club particularly Don Raul.

      BTW: My least rated player in my analysis was Martinelli. A mitigating factor in my favor, which I admitted, was the absence of any performance data. That is a reason why we need experienced scouts, not Raul’s address book.

      • Compare the hype around the Pepe signing to the bollocks around the signings of Mertesacker and even Cazorla.

        Yet the fans still sing their names.

        And Big Per takes to the bench alongside Freddy tomorrow.
        Freddy always had colleagues as minders in his Arsenal career. Is he going to for Raul to stand in Per’s shadow every time he has to talk the slimy toad?

        When Raul tried to shoot down Sir Lord Good Chip was that the beginning of his end? We shall see.

        Sure, he’ll be mustering his strength and looking to fight back. like any reliable sociopath would. but the fact remains that everyone else at the club appear to be telling any and all journalists that:


  5. LOL. Fins is unrelenting.

    • Im glad.

    • Hey I’m not the PR whizz making all these leaks to my media mates about the poor relations from the Head of Football Relations.

      Just appreciating the work from people that love The Arsenal!

      98% of strikers were too scared to even attempt a dribble past Mertesacker, even though he was not he quickest!
      How do we think the slimy toad Raul will get on as he attempts to wriggle his way past Ozil’s mate (see what I did there?)

      *pops open a bag of popcorn*

  6. New post up.


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