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Ozil is the Star as Arsenal Trash Newcastle

In this podcast yours truly Shotta and Blackburn George express our enjoyment as Arsenal trash Newcastle 4:0 in the EPL. We both agree that Mesut Ozil was Man-of-the-Match, once again making a mockery of his critics. But we are both cautiously optimistic about the future.

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  1. Hello out there! Was just advised that some people are having problems making comments. I made a change in settings, please advise.

  2. Speaking of comments. This blog is consistently opposed to the prevailing narrative in both social and mainstream media and we make it a duty to expose the gross stupidity that is spouted by the good and the great. One such piece of dangerous nonsense is the idea that Ozil is finished and should be sold on. These are the same people who stood aside and allowed the Arsenal midfield to be destroyed by the new regime led by Raul Sanllehi. Rather than protest this evisceration, they blame Ozil for being ineffective because he is the sole technician in a midfield with no teammate who can make forward passes and find the German in the spaces he finds as a matter of course OR blame him for forwards who keep missing chances. I don’t expect those who propound such nonsense and their supporters to welcome this blog or to make comments. Comments are welcome but they don’t define this blog.

  3. Hello Shotts, good to hear you both in good form.

    I enjoyed the incredulous exclamations in response to much of the tedious gibberish that accounts for so much of the Arsenal media content.

    In addition to some of the completely binary madness we’ve seen such as the ozil and Ramsey can’t play together gem was the sequel Ozil or Ceballos construct.

    When the obvious topic is how to get them both into the same line up. Alongside an in form Pepe if possible.

    I’m not sure if Ceballos is the long term solution. He’s so slow. But it’s the development most Arsenal fans I know if we’re hoping to see. As before Arteta appears to be managing this squad very well. Some necessary rotations used as opportunities to develop the team.

    Arteta knows.
    Happy days.

  4. Did hear a former Gunner as a plundit during the game slate Ozil as being a player most coaches would struggle to manage.

    However whenever Ozil has been highlighted by a teammate as the classic “arm around the shoulder” character in cliched football parlance it’s only ever been said as a compliment.
    The example of the plundit above is someone has clearly forgotten or chosen to ignore Ozil’s record of continuous success in his career (right about up until the exact arrival of Raul and then later his stooge at the club).

    So who cares for such talk that deserves to be placed alongside aftv?

    Much the same rubbish was written about Riquelme. Tens that are not prolific goal scorers always get heckled by the Idiots. Here’s a nugget of information I just rediscovered. One of the peaks in Riquelme’s career was his time at Villarreal under Pellegrini and alongside one Cazorla.

    There you go. Not hard to research this stuff when you’re hosting a podcast longer then a game of football? Is it?

    the old gaffer said the spirit of this sport needs coaches like Arteta. A comment that cut right past all the BS, similar though in a slightly different style to the new gaffer.

    Arteta knows.

    • < the notable exception for Ozil and his teammates infamously being the 2018 World Cup when he called out his FA. Most within football are too afraid of the bigwigs at their FAs to critique them.


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