Wenger’s legacy is fundamental. Free flowing, attacking football by a club with integrity and class.

Positive, Aggressive Football From Freddie

In his first match as Arsenal’s new head coach, a 2-2 draw with Norwich, there were positive signs from Freddie Ljunberg’s first match as coach of Arsenal but there is still a long way to go. The team showed aggressive, attacking intent but there remains a lack of quality in some positions according to yours truly, Shotta and Blackburn George, the Arseblagger.

Here are some of the issues we discuss:

  • Positives and negatives from Freddie’s first game
  • Players who excelled and those who didn’t.
  • Possible adjustments for next game
  • Overcoming negative fans

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  1. Fascinating to observe and record the media attacking Freddie in unison for the defenders being passive, when he’s had one session with them!!!

    Yet Unai’s had the whole team running away from the opponent and the opponents goal since his first match last season!

    Bunch of nasty lying toads are they not?

    Clearly without any doubt:
    Raul’s been spreading his love heavily this past weekend, alongside the Gazidas hired Emery smokescreen.

    All Arsenal lovers need to unite and help Sir Good Chip to:


  2. As for Lee Dixon
    He sounds like the kind of person that was happy to play alongside John Jenson instead of Paul Davis because unlike Paul he didn’t have the Footballs to call out GG on his adoption of:

    a) Shite football after getting whupped by Benfica (ok for a baby cup trophy but not anything else!)

    b) taking bungs whilst flogging off proven world class title winning talents like all the names we can mention, like Davis. A little bit like flogging Rambo for Guendouzi….

    I see Lee has a comfy spot on the plundits couch.
    When was the last time we heard Paul tell his tale (shout out to the Bergkamp Wonderland, i think, for that priceless interview!)

    Good player but as a plundit Lee’s got zero credibility with me.

    Lee Dixon. You are dismissed!

  3. New post up.


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