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Serious “Danger Ahead” For Arsenal After Olympiacos

In this podcast, yours truly and Blackburn George explain how Arsenal’s disappointing loss to Olympiacos in the Europa League and dropping out of Europe could have grave consequences for the football club. In summary serious “Danger Ahead”.

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  1. I’ve depressed myself

    • Being honest and true is more important than faux optimism. You said what needed to be said George. Some, not all, of our worse fears since we started podcasting has come to past.

  2. Could be worse Raul could’ve snagged his real target that Emery was the set up for and Mourinho would now be doing his laundry in the dugout?

    Thank the football gods for Arteta.
    Otherwise it would already be all over.

    Staggering to think of all these many social media vampires that really don’t appear to give two fucks about the club they say love. Strange people.


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