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STLvARS: Standard Liege v Arsenal

Open Thread 

Regretfully there is no preview  of STLvARS due to last minute technical problems. As an alternative we strongly recommend the usual excellent offerings from @LaboGoon at https://positivelyarsenal.com

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  1. Caught the last 15 minutes of the 1st half. Apart from Smith-Rowe our midfield lacks penetration to be charitable.

  2. Shotta the Arsenal are playing better football across the board/squad. there is no doubt about that.

    Auba turning in the opponents D for a simple give and go? (Against West Ham).

    The heat maps showing the consistent lack of Football in these areas was the mark of the beastly clowns Raul and Emery.

    Football has come home my friend.
    Let’s hope it’s not a brief fleeting visit.

    The club needs a top class CB.
    The bung of Luiz may have been nice for Daddy Raul, and this is the problem is it not?

    Anyone pretending this is not the problem, that is their problem. I recall what happened to a title winning squad as the bungs came in, first the degeneration into a cup team, then lower, then salvation under Dein.
    There are cycles, and then there are bungs. Then there is Raul’s record of signings in and out at the Arsenal in just 24 months. Anyone who chooses to believe this is not the big problem, that even just sending a quality player like Chambers our on loan and replacing them with Litchsteiner is a part of a normal football cycle and not a bungastic fuck up is showing fanatical levels of delusion.

    In spite of the classless premature ejaculations attacking his credentials Freddie has done a better job in these difficult circumstances then many if not all of of the pretenders could’ve done: not least Vieira who has such a poor record as a coach that Arteta has been given the chance at City that he was not.

  3. New post up.

  4. All these clowns who raved so much about the awful football of Poch at Spurs showed their preference for results over Football by ignoring the big difference Poch made to Spurs:

    He brought Alderweirald with him from Southampton, a top player probably picked out by the same scouts as who picked up Mane. The gunners had alexis and Gnabry at the time and no need to swoop for Mane, and they also had two world class CBs who none of the ****s sorry blaggers have ever been able to describe as world class.

    And as we’ve said since AWs last season clearly there needed to be some senior quality players brought in not, and the club have failed in this area under Raul’s watch.
    Evans at LCFC was always one of the best British ball playing CBs, with lots of PL experience, but when you are a football club run by a management consultant.

    Management consultants run this land and I suppose all the many clowns out there think that this is how things should be. No skill, just mafia power through someone else’s money is how it should be. Results over the Football. Self explanatory innit.


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